Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today I opened the house up and there is the most amazing breeze that is flowing through the house and it is so relaxing and peaceful. I was able to sleep in this morning after a long day yesterday.

Friday afternoon Mom and I drove to Dothan, we stayed with Chris, Amanda and Ashlyn on it was awesome to have this time to spend with them. I just can't get enough of sweet Ashlyn, she is growing up so fast - she is such a big girl. Talking more and more and is full of sweet love! She is precious and I tried to hide her in my bag to bring her home but her Mom and Dad wouldn't let us! Another fabulous thing about my stay with them is that I had a really cool reminder from God - they live outside of town and after dark I went to the car to get my bags and my breath was taken away by the stars! Wow, that is something that I truly miss by living in was so refreshing to be taken back by the beauty and wonder of that sight. God is amazing and so vast, I was thankful to be reminded of his creation! Not having any city lights to distract your eyes from this beautiful site was really awesome!

Saturday was my baby shower in Dothan and it was so nice and so much fun. Justin and I are truly blessed to have such supportive family and friends. Everything was more than I expected my hostesses are so generous and sweet (especially since most of them had to travel!!) We got so many wonderful things and I feel like we are more and more ready for Collier's arrival. I have to give props to Amanda (SIL) be sure you check out her ADORABLE fruit flower arrangement that she made! How awesome it is! Well, that was just one of the many nice and yummy things that we had at the shower. Here are some of the pictures of the shower. Aren't we blessed?

I also wanted to ask for some prayers for Justin's grandfather (Pa) - he was put in the hospital on Saturday morning and they think it was a small stroke. He seems to be doing better but his blood pressure is still really high. We would really appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery, so that he can go home. He does not like being in the hospital, so please be praying for peace of mind while he is there.

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Gail said...

I love seeing you so happy! Gosh, your mom and Pam sure look YOUNG! toooo young to be Granny's! LOL..I am so glad your shower was so fun for you. I remember sitting at a shower long ago that your mom gave for Deanna...You were sooo small! Goodness...time is flying. Have a blessed week, dear, and enjoy all your many blessings! Love you,G