Monday, April 27, 2009


We had a beautiful and fun weekend. First, God has blessed us greatly with beautiful warm weather. It is making me want to drive to the lake to sit still on the dock and just soak in the beauty of the weather and His creation. But Collier is keeping me here in Birmingham...well work too I guess!

Last week Justin and I went to our breastfeeding class and then on Saturday we had our labor and delivery class (6 hours worth). Both classes were good and certainly informative. I felt better after both of them and I am not sure how prepared that you can be for all that is ahead of us, but I do know that we have a little more knowledge about all of it. I have to tell you how great Justin was through both classes - both of which had lots of information, video's and pictures that he would rather have not seen - but he was amazing and involved. He is such a good man and is going to be an amazing Daddy. His level of support and involvement makes it even more exciting for me. Not sure if that makes a bit of sense or not....

People keep asking 'are you ready' and I keep responding that I am ready but I am not sure that I know what it is exactly that I am ready for. I know that I'm ready to meet Little Man and have him in our life - but the in between is the big unknown. I find extreme comfort that God already knows every detail of the in between time and I am relying on Him through this waiting period. He is such a faithful God, when I am not so faithful and am so undeserving. He has answered so many of my prayers though this pregnancy - I prayed that I would not be pregnant through the summer, I prayed that I wouldn't be too sick and that I would enjoy this pregnancy and sweet time. This has certainly been the case. I have enjoyed being pregnant and I really do love feeling him move around in me and know that this sweet baby is growing inside of me (what a miracle!) I am just now getting to the point that I am ready for him to arrive so that I can meet him face to face and so that I don't keep running into things with my big ole belly! I pray that God will give me a smooth and good delivery and that I will have this gift that He is entrusted us with exactly how He sees me fit to do. I trust in Him!

I head back to the Doctor on Wednesday. I have started to have my first Braxton Hicks contractions this week. Other than that, all is the same and I am just growing and growing and praying that he will not grow too his daddy! I still feel really good so still no complaints here. I am wondering if my belly can get any bigger!

Tonight was our last CBS (Bible Study) meeting. It was a fabulous night filled with laughter and fellowship. We studied Job, Galatians and Hebrews and I just loved this study. I learned the most in Job and about persevering through situations and what it is to truly rely on God. Hebrews has been a great reminder of who Christ is and how He is our anchor and our refuge no matter what we are facing. Wow, it is amazing to have such a God who loves us and desires our relationship with Him. I feel that lately I've not been as focused on Him and I am working to redirect my thoughts and attention to Him so that He is my all in all. I was reminded a few weeks ago that we must die to self DAILY...not just from time to time but daily so that He can be the Lord of our life and in total control of what unfolds in our life - every minute of every day! I am thankful that He has called me by name and that I have heard Him calling me closer to Him. I will greatly miss meeting each week and will eagerly look forward to meeting again in the fall to study the minor prophets! If you're in Birmingham and looking for a fabulous bible study, let me know.


aedozier said...

Oh Shannon! My FAVORITE part of being pregnant was feeling Mary McKinnon move. It is such an amazing thing. I always thanked God for allowing women to be the carriers of his greatest miracle! Once Collier is born, you will see him move and realize what he was doing in your belly! It is so awesome!!!! I am so excited for you and Justin. Hope to see you at the "other" lake this summer. Enjoy these last few moments of being pregnant. It sounds strange but you will miss it in a way.

amy kennedy said...

Shannon I cannot wait to meet Collier. You have such a short time left! So glad you have enjoyed your whole pregnancy. Allyson is right that you will miss it! You are going to be such a wonderful Mommy-Collier is so lucky to have you and Justin!! Keep us posted! LOVE YOU!!

Lindsey said...

i am really excited for you and justin! and thankful you've had such a great pregnancy. i know what you mean about being "ready" but also unsure what that really means?! my biggest mistake with elle was having some major expectations of what it would be like and then being frustrated with myself. have low expectations and let the Lord, that sweet baby boy and your instincts tell you what to do. you will be great!
**we are in b'ham too. what doc do you use? where will you deliver? where do you go to church/bible study? just curious... you can email me at lindseysalter at yahoo dot com.

Helms Family said...

Glad you are doing good! I'll be watching out for you at the "Brook"! Call me if you ever need anything and let me know if you are scheduled for an induction or when you go into labor. I'll make sure you are well taken care of! Praying for a safe and fast delivery for you!

Gail said...

I am soooooo thrilled for you two. Your MOM just wrote me the great news! He is, here, and all is great! How bless you are!!!! Kiss him for me, and I am just so happy for you, dear. Love, Gail