Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week

Collier is 8 weeks today and I can hardly believe it! He brings more love and joy to my heart each and every day. I just adore this little man!

This week I started back to work. It has been ok, hard BUT ok. I really wanted to go back July 6th, but they wanted me back earlier. Plus, I'm starting a new job (same company new role) that I am a little unsure of. I know that it will work out, but still not quite sure about the transition. One already good part is that with the new role I was moved into an office, which gives me privacy and that makes life a little easier since I'm pumping through out the day. All that to say that I am quite tired but we are working hard to get into a routine and back to normal life....No more fun vacation time with my men!

Mom has been great and has brought Collier to me at work for the past two days so that I could nurse him. Today I went home for lunch to feed him. I have been a little concerned that once he started taking the bottle during the day that he would rather that than me....that would make me very sad. so he has only gotten two bottle each day and then I've nursed all the other times. So far so good...but I would appreciate your prayers on this as well. I really do want to nurse him as long as possible and would rather not get into formula, but I'm trusting that God already has a plan and know exactly how all of this will turn out. **I don't have anything against formula, I don't want to offend anyone...It is just important to me that he is getting all of the good stuff from me, plus the money savings is huge too. My cousin nursed all of her kids and I just thought that it was so sweet and have always wanted to do that!

I'm excited about the weekend for sure. I hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because he deserves it

Even though this post is a few days late my sweet husband deserves the recognition as we celebrated his first Father’s Day. Dad’s are really special and I am thankful for the blessing that we received in Collier. Justin is such a great dad and is so sweet with Collier. He is very helpful and willing to take Collier and even changes a ton of diapers throughout the day. When he is talking to Collier he gets in Collier’s face (really close) and I just love to see them nose to nose talking! Collier loves to be on Justin’s shoulder. Collier can be fussy and I can’t seem to settle him – Justin will put him on his shoulder and Collier will relax and usually go right to sleep…Daddy’s special touch seems to be just what he needs. I know that the two of them will have a many fun years ahead as they grow and bond together. Collier is lucky to have the love of such a wonderful Dad. I think that a part of my love of being a mom is to have the support of such a loving and helpful husband. My heart fills with joy to see Justin interact with Collier.

Justin and my Dad played an early round of golf on Sunday and then they watched the US Open in the afternoon. Mom and I cooked shrimp, flank steak, pesto potatoes, grilled squash and zucchini and a chocolate ice cream pie to top off our delicious dinner to honor our guys!

I have a lot to be thankful for in my dad as well. He is a constant help and support. He is willing to do anything for us (Chris and I and our families) and he believes that family comes first. I am thankful that he is a strong example of a Godly man and I am thankful that he is my Dad! Not to mention he loves his grandson. He gets so excited each time that he sees him and gets to hold him. It is really so sweet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catch up

We've been somewhat busy over the past week. We started out with a weekend in Dothan to celebrate Ashlyn's 2nd Birthday! It was so much fun at her birthday party - she had slip n slides and pools - the kids had a blast. She couldn't have been more happy, that girl loves the water! We spent some time with Justin's Dad and Cher and it was really great to have some extra time with them.

From there we headed to the lake for a few nights before Mom and I headed to Jacksonville. We went down to visit and see family and for Collier to get to meet all of our fun and crazy family (grandfather, aunts, uncles and lots and lots of cousin's). Both my mom and dad grew up in Jacksonville so we have so much family there - we love them and wish that we lived closer so that we could see them more often. But we did enjoy our visit and time. We headed back to the lake on Wednesday. Justin and I stayed at the lake from Wednesday through the weekend and had some friends come down for the weekend. Wow, it was amazing to have that time to relax at the lake and being back in Bham I am missing the lake greatly.

Now that I am back home, trying to get the house back in order, laundry, unpack and get Collier on somewhat of a schedule. I am sad to say that I have to go back to work next week. I had hoped to be out for another two weeks but the boss called and decided that I needed to come back sooner rather than later. I am very sad...matter of fact I cried after I met with him and he told me that. I am very thankful that Mom is going to be keeping Collier that will make life at work a little easier, but it is still not the same as being with him all day. I will miss him while I'm at work. I love this little man so much and I love being with him and holding and loving him day in and day out! I will appreciate your prayers as we prepare for this return to work. He still isn't sleeping all the way the way through the night - waking every 4 hours. I would appreciate your prayers on this as well. I will also take advice and thoughts too - I know that most of you are experienced mom's!!!

Little man is changing so much. He is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. its funny because he has lost most of the hair on top/front of his head but still has long and thick hair in the back. You would think that he is sleeping on his head (I promise that he isn't though). He looks an old man! I love to look at him and just watch him sleep. His expressions and coo's are way to cute for words! He loves to get in the bath tub and just relax. If he is cranky at night I will put him in the tub and he will just relax and lay there so content. But then he screams as I lather him with lotion. I just can't get enough of him.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We spent the last week at the lake. It was so wonderful and restful. Although it rained for the first 5 days - that didn't stop Ashlyn from playing in it and making the most of the rain. But we finally saw the happy sunshine peak its head through the clouds. We spent time with my brother, SIL and niece and we even got to visit with Justin's grandparents for them to meet Collier for the first time. It was great to spend time down there and relax. Not to mention my mom was a savior. She was so helpful with letting me sleep and taking Collier in the early morning hours after he had eaten. Which takes me back to my previous post about how wonderful parents are. Its amazing how fabulous sleep it! Here are a few pictures from the week.