Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week

Collier is 8 weeks today and I can hardly believe it! He brings more love and joy to my heart each and every day. I just adore this little man!

This week I started back to work. It has been ok, hard BUT ok. I really wanted to go back July 6th, but they wanted me back earlier. Plus, I'm starting a new job (same company new role) that I am a little unsure of. I know that it will work out, but still not quite sure about the transition. One already good part is that with the new role I was moved into an office, which gives me privacy and that makes life a little easier since I'm pumping through out the day. All that to say that I am quite tired but we are working hard to get into a routine and back to normal life....No more fun vacation time with my men!

Mom has been great and has brought Collier to me at work for the past two days so that I could nurse him. Today I went home for lunch to feed him. I have been a little concerned that once he started taking the bottle during the day that he would rather that than me....that would make me very sad. so he has only gotten two bottle each day and then I've nursed all the other times. So far so good...but I would appreciate your prayers on this as well. I really do want to nurse him as long as possible and would rather not get into formula, but I'm trusting that God already has a plan and know exactly how all of this will turn out. **I don't have anything against formula, I don't want to offend anyone...It is just important to me that he is getting all of the good stuff from me, plus the money savings is huge too. My cousin nursed all of her kids and I just thought that it was so sweet and have always wanted to do that!

I'm excited about the weekend for sure. I hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend too.


The Skeldings said...

Going back to work is hard - but in time you will realize that they will always need you! (May not be in the same capacity - but Mommy is always needed.) Good luck with your new position!

Oh - I have lost your cell phone - email it to me or call me sometime! Love to you!

Gail said...

What a cute, pretty, smart looking LIL' boy...He is growing so fast! Thanks for the updates. Glad your Mom is a big part in your life. She is the very best as you well know. Good luck with the new job. Things always work out. Not to worry! Love, G