Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 60th!

We celebrated a big 60th birthday with my FIL this weekend at lake Eufaula. To Collier he is known at Papoo and one day Collier will get to join the guys in their fishing adventure, but this trip he had to stay with the girls inside since it was so hot. Next trip we will certainly be on the boat with the guys. Maybe we would have brought them better luck since they didn’t catch much of anything. It was a relaxing and fun weekend. Happy Birthday Papoo!

It has been great this week having my MIL in town to help since Justin is out of town. We’re looking forward to a long July 4th weekend. I’ll catch up with everyone next week.

Oh before I leave you I have to share a funny work story. For those of you who don’t know…I work for a technology company and with that I am the ONLY female…So the guys that I work with are all really great but are all very techy for the most part. These guys are some of the smartest people that I know and especially when it comes to computers, technology and networking they know it all! And then there is me… not so techy and very mommy at this point. I am of course pumping through the day and I try to be very respectful that they don’t want to see pumping pieces and breast milk all through the office, so I put the milk containers in a soft cooler in the refrigerator. Well. One of the guys came into my office this week and shared the following:

Tech: I finally discovered something this week
Me: oh yeah what (me thinking like I’m going to understand what you are about to say – he always talks way above my head)
Tech: for the past couple of days I thought that someone was putting their notebook in the refrigerator
Side note: when he says notebook he means laptop
Me: oh yeah with a BIG smile on my face
Tech: I thought that it was strange that someone would put their notebook in the frig but thought, ya know if that is what works for them ok. Strange, but ok
Me:yes, a laptop in the frig would be very strange
Tech: I finally realized today that it was your cooler for storage!!!
Me: laughing very hard.

Goes to show the mindset. I just thought that it was so funny…that he thought someone was actually putting their laptop in the frig. My cooler is black and does resemble a tiny laptop bag. Ha!

Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

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