Thursday, July 9, 2009

Latest Stats

We went to the doctor yesterday for Collier's two month check up. We've been very curious over the past several weeks how much he weighs. We were expecting him to be around 10lb...that was my guess any way. Here are his stats:

Weight: 13LB - 75th percentile
Height: 22.5" - 50th percentile
Head: 15.5" - 50th percentile

We were very pleased with all of this and honestly SHOCKED at his fabulous weight gain! My little chunky monkey. We also changed his acid reflux medication. He spits up so much and this week we had two major things: First on Sunday he was in his swing and I think that he spit up 2 days worth of covered him completely and even puddled in the bottom of the swing. Then on Monday morning he started chocking and was arching his back and throwing his head backwards, when I picked him up spit up went everywhere and then he screamed really loud. It scared me and I am sure that it scared him. I really do hope and pray that this new medicine works better for him. Even with all of the spit up, he is still getting plenty of food and gaining weight.

Shots...yuck. He got four of them and he did ok for the first three and then the last one (which was muscular) he screamed so loud and wasn't happy about that one at all. He was sort of fussy through this morning and has been better this afternoon. Poor little man,I think that he was just not feeling like himself. Those bad ole shots. He has been great this afternoon and tonight.


Crazy Lady said...

luke threw up like sorry. i remember just getting covered. good times. at least it didn't affect his weight gain.

Brandy said...

so glad to hear he is becoming a 'little chunky monkey'...that's what he's supposed to be! nursing must be going very well. thanks for all the updates! we learned as bailey got older to give her motrin before the doctor's visit, so she wouldn't be as sore afterwards in her legs. hopefully he's all better now!