Monday, July 13, 2009

moving on up

Last night was Collier's first night in his crib. He has been in the bassinet next to our bed up to this point. I would have liked him to be in his crib sooner than now, but I worry about him spitting up and choking....But since he really likes to lay sprawled out (arms above head and legs wide apart) he isn't able to do that in the bassinet any more. Plus he has had a few really long sleep nights - two nights he slept 7 hours! WHOOA!!! although it was from 8pm-3am...I was still getting up to feed but I still got a good 5 hours that was AWESOME!

So, I decided that I would try it last night. I have the video monitor and I had the volume turned all the way case of any chocking (I mostly worry about that after feeding him in the middle of the night). He did really great. I fed him at 10 and he went right to sleep and he woke up at 3:30 ready to eat. He did stir around at 12am and 1am...but I just watched him on the monitor and he went back to sleep. He also went back down after eating at 3:30....It was awesome and I felt really good about it. I pray that tonight will also be successful since I have to actually work tomorrow! I feel like we're getting closer and closer to a full night sleep.

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Tara said...

It's a big step going from your room to the crib. I moved Anna Kate earlier than I did Brooks because she is a noisy baby. I had the monitor up so loud the whole first year with Brooks, and I haven't even taken it out of the drawer since AK's been born! I am like you though about the choking/spitting up and laying flat b/c she has had bad reflux as well. We have been thrown up on countless times too! I still have her in her papasan chair at night, but I put it in her crib IN the chair so she is getting used to being in her room. I strap her in and she has been fine. I like her sleeping with an incline and that is what the chair is providing. She is trying to roll over now so I think I'll have to get rid of the chair and use the wedge that goes under the crib mattress. Good luck!!