Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We spent another fabulous weekend at compass lake. We had my cousins come from Jacksonville - it was a full house and full of fun with special memories! My precious cousin and her husband have 4 beautiful kiddos and they all mean so much to me. The boys are still into wrestling, so there were several matches over the weekend. Little Emmi is quite the charmer and full of smiles. She is so tiny and full of spunk! All of the kids love Collier, which makes my heart melt, and they all had their turns and times to hold him. Corbin even asked if he would take him home because Emmi is so "feisty" too funny!

Collier has been in his crib for a week now and is still doing great. He had a rough night last night and couldn't seem to get settled, plus he woke up at midnight to eat. I watched the monitor from 2am-6am because he was grunting around and wake off and on. I decided to stay home and see if I could get some rest today and it has been good. Hoping that we will do better tonight. I am also trying something different with Collier's reflux meds (prevacid). Instead of giving a whole dose in the morning, I'm doing half in the morning and half at night. He was really spitting up bad in the mornings, so I'm going to try this and see if it makes a difference. He has done really well today with not much spit up. Thank you Lord!

He continues to get stronger and stronger. He is holding his head very well and is very smiley and full of coo's! Oh so sweet. He does bring me so much joy and sleepless nights love. I get teary sometimes just holding him because I love him so much! I wasn't prepared for this level of love...this also exemplifies the Love that God has for us! Simply amazing, especially with all of our flaws.

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