Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catch up

We've been somewhat busy over the past week. We started out with a weekend in Dothan to celebrate Ashlyn's 2nd Birthday! It was so much fun at her birthday party - she had slip n slides and pools - the kids had a blast. She couldn't have been more happy, that girl loves the water! We spent some time with Justin's Dad and Cher and it was really great to have some extra time with them.

From there we headed to the lake for a few nights before Mom and I headed to Jacksonville. We went down to visit and see family and for Collier to get to meet all of our fun and crazy family (grandfather, aunts, uncles and lots and lots of cousin's). Both my mom and dad grew up in Jacksonville so we have so much family there - we love them and wish that we lived closer so that we could see them more often. But we did enjoy our visit and time. We headed back to the lake on Wednesday. Justin and I stayed at the lake from Wednesday through the weekend and had some friends come down for the weekend. Wow, it was amazing to have that time to relax at the lake and being back in Bham I am missing the lake greatly.

Now that I am back home, trying to get the house back in order, laundry, unpack and get Collier on somewhat of a schedule. I am sad to say that I have to go back to work next week. I had hoped to be out for another two weeks but the boss called and decided that I needed to come back sooner rather than later. I am very sad...matter of fact I cried after I met with him and he told me that. I am very thankful that Mom is going to be keeping Collier that will make life at work a little easier, but it is still not the same as being with him all day. I will miss him while I'm at work. I love this little man so much and I love being with him and holding and loving him day in and day out! I will appreciate your prayers as we prepare for this return to work. He still isn't sleeping all the way the way through the night - waking every 4 hours. I would appreciate your prayers on this as well. I will also take advice and thoughts too - I know that most of you are experienced mom's!!!

Little man is changing so much. He is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. its funny because he has lost most of the hair on top/front of his head but still has long and thick hair in the back. You would think that he is sleeping on his head (I promise that he isn't though). He looks an old man! I love to look at him and just watch him sleep. His expressions and coo's are way to cute for words! He loves to get in the bath tub and just relax. If he is cranky at night I will put him in the tub and he will just relax and lay there so content. But then he screams as I lather him with lotion. I just can't get enough of him.


The McDonalds said...

Hey, Love the new pics & he has changed so much! Feeding on demand worked well with both of mine...they got their calories in during the day & would sleep during the night! I tried everything from schedules & Baby Wise, but my babes were hungry & wanted to nurse! I went with it and Sadie started sleeping all night at 7 weeks while it took Miller a little longer! I put rice cereal in the last pumped bottle to keep them fuller longer! It worked and we all got some much needed rest! Hope this helps!

Gail said...

Not to worry...Your Lil' man will be in the best of hands! How wonderful, and what a blessing to have your Mom caring for him! She is so special, and loving. Sooo try to relax, and allow her to help you this way. It will all work out. The new PIC's are so darling, and yes..he sure is growing and changing! Glad the trip to Jax's was so fun, too! Love to your Mom and Dad...they are the best! Love, Gail

amy kennedy said...

He's getting big Shannon! So glad you've had some fun relaxing time at the lake and w/your fam. I'll be praying this weekend and next week for you-I know it will be hard but at least he'll be w/your sweet mama! Love you!