Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because he deserves it

Even though this post is a few days late my sweet husband deserves the recognition as we celebrated his first Father’s Day. Dad’s are really special and I am thankful for the blessing that we received in Collier. Justin is such a great dad and is so sweet with Collier. He is very helpful and willing to take Collier and even changes a ton of diapers throughout the day. When he is talking to Collier he gets in Collier’s face (really close) and I just love to see them nose to nose talking! Collier loves to be on Justin’s shoulder. Collier can be fussy and I can’t seem to settle him – Justin will put him on his shoulder and Collier will relax and usually go right to sleep…Daddy’s special touch seems to be just what he needs. I know that the two of them will have a many fun years ahead as they grow and bond together. Collier is lucky to have the love of such a wonderful Dad. I think that a part of my love of being a mom is to have the support of such a loving and helpful husband. My heart fills with joy to see Justin interact with Collier.

Justin and my Dad played an early round of golf on Sunday and then they watched the US Open in the afternoon. Mom and I cooked shrimp, flank steak, pesto potatoes, grilled squash and zucchini and a chocolate ice cream pie to top off our delicious dinner to honor our guys!

I have a lot to be thankful for in my dad as well. He is a constant help and support. He is willing to do anything for us (Chris and I and our families) and he believes that family comes first. I am thankful that he is a strong example of a Godly man and I am thankful that he is my Dad! Not to mention he loves his grandson. He gets so excited each time that he sees him and gets to hold him. It is really so sweet.


Lindsey said...

sweet post shannon. glad you guys are doing well. collier is absolutely adorable. i love that pic of him and justin!

Gail said...

You are indeed...So bless! I love all your men! Kiss that Korey for me! Love, G