Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Month

We are officially under 5 weeks and as of today we are one month away (according to the calendar - not the prego weeks). It is hard to believe that in such a short amount of time that we'll have a sweet baby in our family. As time draw nears I get more and more excited. I so often wonder what he will look like. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and on Saturday I'll be 36 weeks, which does put us at 4 weeks and counting! Tonight we are going to the lactation/nursing/breastfeeding class. Justin still hasn't figured out why he has to go, except for support. Not sure that he knows what he is supporting but he is going. Saturday we have our all day Labor and Delivery class at the hospital as well. Then, we'll be set and ready - we'll at least we'll feel like it with all of the info that we're taking in this week!

It is such a beautiful day and if it wasn't for work I would park my butt outside and sit in the sun all day. I did eat outside at lunch today and now its going to be hard to force myself back to work for the afternoon. Oh well.

On a totally different note. Our tomatoes and peppers are growing and I am so happy. I do love fresh veggi's especially when I can walk in my backyard and pick them. I see some early buds on the cherry tomato plant! Hooray.

I just had to include this one because she is so stink'n pretty!


Gail said...

We planted, too, tomatoes! Had to do the upside down thing as the DEER love our...salad bar..Hey...everyone has to eat, right? I pointed out to Frank...HE could drive and buy, they can't! LOL..This is his way of saying...NOT mine! LOL..I know you can't wait to meet this LIL' guy! Have a blessed weekend, and joy the sunshine! Love, Gail

The Skeldings said...

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of alone time with Justin - and enjoy the quiet! Will be thinking of you as your due date quickly approaches.