Monday, November 29, 2010

Full of Thanks

We really have so much to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving proved that once again this year.  We were surrounded with amazing family all weekend - ate delicious food and got to visit with friends and family while we were in Dothan.  I have a healthy husband and child that I couldn't be more thankful for!  Plus we have the best parents anyone could ask for.  God's blessing are in abundance and I am really in awe of who He is.  He is a mighty God full of grace, forgiveness and love in a way that I can not even fully understand.  I am thankful that He sent His only Son to be born and save us from ourselves! 

The weather couldn't have been more drastic....Hot on Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday and cold on Saturday and Sunday.  I am so thankful for this colder weather, if you haven't noticed by now I love cold weather and it has been way too warm for me these past few weeks.  I just hope that the cold weather is here to stay through the rest of this winter. 

See what I mean about being HOT...Collier played in the water and tried to spray every one in sight.  He had a blast playing in the water.

These two cousins played a little more 'together' this weekend.  Collier wasn't sure what to do when Ash grabbed him by the hand and said "come on Collier lets go play, it's going to be fun'.  He ran away a few times.  Way to funny.  They had a blast playing in this tent and hiding in the closet.  So sweet.
It turned cold and all Collier wanted to do was.....swing!  The wind off of the lake plus a swing makes a little man's nose cold and red.  He didn't care and Momma didn't want a sick baby.  He just doesn't understand the need to be inside. 

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