Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our night

was a little rough last night.  With Collier's back four teeth coming in he has had a few night when he will cry out in the middle of the night but he never gets up, he just rolls around and is a bit restless (thank the Lord for video monitors).  I usually don't get up because he settles down as quick as he starts.  Last night was quite different.  He started a little after midnight and by 12:30 he was sitting up screaming.  Motrin to the rescue or so I thought so I went in and held him for a few minutes and thought for a second he had maybe had a bad dream - he was clingy tight to me and wanted to snuggle into my neck as close as he could.  After about 5 minutes of singing and bouncing and giving a dose of Motrin I put him back down.  He cried just a minute and seemed to settle back to sleep.  With in 20 minutes he was crying again.  This continued for about an hour before I finally gave in and he and I went to the couch.  I didn't want to turn the tv on in fear of waking him up too much, but he was so funny sitting in the dark and trying to make sense of the room.  He kept pointing all around the room and grunting like huh?  I just chuckled and laid back and he finally laid down with me, Oh sooo sweet.  To have my sweet little man curled up in my arms sleeping was worth every second of this sleepless night.  It brought a tear to my eye to have him laying with me totally comfortable and cozy!  It unfortunately didn't last long and he was sitting back up with in 20 minutes again.  We did this a few times dozing off and on for about 2 hours.  Around 3am I decided to put him back in his bed - I was so afraid that I would fall asleep and that the alarm would go off and wake up both up and then he would be up way too early.  I turned his music on and he went right to sleep and slept until about 8am this morning. 

Justin and I decided early on that we wouldn't put our kids in the bed with us in hopes of preventing a bad habit (strictly a personal preference).  We are very snuggly people and I personally love the snuggly time with my husband every night and with a baby in the bed I would be neglecting that time with Justin.  So, we have worked hard not to do that and I think that we have been very successful.  Collier has only slept in a bed with us one time, and it was only for 2 hours when he woke up really early one morning at the beach.  I love that he will go to sleep on his own and requires very little when going to for bed (either for naps or night time).  But there is a catch to this independence...Collier isn't suggly in the bed with us.  On weekend morning we will put him in bed with us and it is all about play time and not so much about snuggly time, which from time to time I would really love.  So, this morning with him in my arms was really sweet and special.  I don't think that he has laid in my arms like that to sleep since I stopped nursing him.  I just wish that it wasn't because he was hurting or not feeling good!  He is just so busy and never slows down enough to climb in my arms to rest.  As I was laying there, Thanking God for this sweet moment and thinking how content he felt in my arms - I took a deep breath and pictured that we were in the arms of Jesus taking in the rest and peace that only He can provide.  I hope that you will find that kind of rest and peace in Christ today too!


Amy Kennedy said...

We have had a lot of nights like that recently too Shannon-waking up and crying out and then getting up super early? I'm guessing it's teeth related too but it's really out of the norm so it worries me. I've also heard that at some point they stop sleeping as good? But how sweet that you got some snuggle time w/C! That doesn't happen at our house either-ever that I can remember. He's so precious-makes those sleepless nights worth it. Love the 2 pics of him!!

Jennifer said...

So happy to hear from has been quite a journey and we have a very busy house for sure! Never a dull moment...on a side note, you guys are doing the right thing by putting Collier in his own bed, you will be glad you did! I am so excited to see your little one...he is so beautiful--I can see both of you in him and I know he is a God given light in your lives:) So thrilled to see that you guys are so happy and how you love the Lord--that makes my heart smile!!! God is so good...thanks for sending the message and so great to hear from you! I pray that the Lord will continue to richly bless you...tell your family hello...I think of them often and wonder how they are after all these years...Happy Thanksgiving:)