Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It has been over a week since I have even thought about a post.  Lot's going on but I did want to take the time to update with Collier's stat's from last week.  It was really awesome to have Justin go with me to Collier's doctors appointment, Daddy gets to hold that sweet boy when the shot nurse arrives.  It was nice to not be that person for a change!  Perfectly healthy and happy One and a half year old!

Weight: 26LB 8OZ, just above 50th percentile
Height: 32.25", in between 50th and 75th percentile

Last weekend I got a girls night away to go to my SIL's baby shower in Rome, GA.  It was delightful and so much fun to have extra time with her and my MIL.  It is always so much fun to see sweet PINK baby stuff.    This week has included painting (after CH goes to sleep) and organizing and re-organizing after Collier undoes everything that I try and do. 

Yesterday my mom called twice while I was at work.  The first conversation was how you would think that Collier goes to day care and has picked up some 'rough' habits.  He doesn't, which means that we can't blame it on someone else but the child is just sort of rough.  He finds hitting and kicking at the dogs funny...NOT FUNNY at all.  He likes to run things (brooms, trucks, trains, anything that can be pushed) into our feet and the dogs.  The dogs run which Collier thinks is funny...NOT FUNNY!  I now know why Brinkley is not as into Collier...he basically terrorizes her.  We are working hard on 'gentle' and 'easy' behavior.  The second conversation with mom was: 'He needs a big brother to put him in his place'.  Well its a little late for that.  But gosh, to be a child who stays with his Grammie all day he certainly has some rough tendencies.  We have had to introduce the wooden spoon for some disciple.  I just need Grammie to buy into it to...not yet. 

He also had his first real bubble-bath over the weekend and he was so funny with the bubbles.  He kept scooping them up and messing with them.  Trying to make sense of what it was and what he was supposed to do with them. He wouldn't stop looking at them, he even tried to hand them to me! 

Falling back off of Day Light Savings has thrown Collier's sleeping routine off just a bit.  He gets tired much earlier and is awake much earlier.  When he is awake earlier than normal it makes it a little more difficult to get out the door in the mornings, you would think opposite.  But it is just how our routine works out.  We're working through it and I hope and pray that he will adjust back to his normal old time and that this isn't the new norm!

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