Sunday, November 14, 2010

He did it again...

Collier went down for a late afternoon nap and never work up.  He slept a total of 14 hours last night!  It has been month's since he has done that so I was very surprised.  Matter of fact for a few weeks he was only taking a long mid-day nap and no more.  But in the past week he has been taking shorter mid-day naps which results in the need for a late afternoon nap, but those normally last about an hour!  Except yesterday...14 hours.  I just couldn't believe it.

Friday Collier and Mom and I went to the zoo for Collier's first trip.  It was fun and I think that he enjoyed the freedom of running around.  The first part that we went to had chickens running around and I didn't think that we would make it past that part, finally I had to put him back in the stroller to help him understand there was a lot more to see.  Many of the animals were napping and the best part was the Primates.  We were going to ride the train but I didn't see where to buy the tickets at the station, so we'll have to do it next time.  They are doing a lot of construction to add a new 'African' exhibit in the spring that looks like it is going to be awesome.  Over all a good trip and gave Collier something new to experience.  As long as he was out of his stroller he wanted to be pushing the stroller...cracks me up!


After the zoo we dropped Mom off and played outside for a little while before we headed to the airport to pick up Justin (he was gone all of last week at his annual sales meeting) I was so glad to have him back home. Not fun to have him gone for an entire week!

Yesterday was full of football!  War Eagle! With all of the Cam Newton controversy I just hope and pray that it isn't true....I've said it myself a hundred times: 'where there is smoke there is fire'.   It is sad to think his dad, a pastor, would illegally accept money from anyone Auburn.  Rick Burgess made the point of the implications that this will have on the church, on Christianity.  How this may turn someone away who is on the fence and open the door for Satan and evil to attack the church as a whole.  Yeah, I want it to all be right so that Auburn won't have any troubles and that Cam can continue to focus on the game (and win) and not all of the other stuff...but more important is the impact of the Kingdom of God!  It was really eye opening to think of it from this perspective rather than just football and the game and winning/losing!  What is really important and what really matters?

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