Monday, November 1, 2010

Costume and 18 Months

As promised I wanted to share about Collier's costume.  I just love it and was thrilled that it fit Collier so well.  My cousin Stephanie (who I have blogged about here and here)  made it for her first baby, Landon.  The second that I saw it on him I fell in love with it.  She and my Aunt Rena slaved over the costume and it turned out perfectly.  Every one of her boys have worn it and every time I would see them in it I would think 'gosh when I have kids one I want them to wear it' and when I did FINALLY have Collier she was kind enough to share it with me.  Collier did really good and wore the head piece for most of the time at the party on Saturday.  He was really cute, if I can say so myself, even if I am a little biased.   Steph, thank you so much and it is in really great shape even after 9 years!!

We had a great time on Saturday and Collier got to bounce in a 'bouce house' for the first time. He enjoyed it as long as there were other kids in there and did pretty good.  I had to get him out once the big kids started taking over.  Then we put him on the trampoline and he ran from side to side as fast as he could and would almost dive in our was soo funny but it made just way to nervous and so that ended that.  I agree it could be a little dangerous if one of us wasn't ready for the dive, but he was having a blast while it lasted. 

With the help of my crafty, handy and very skilled in-laws we did some major kitchen renovations this weekend but I will post before and after pictures when we are actually done.  I have cleaning, painting and organizing to do before I can share.  Mr. Charles is so good and quick and I just can't even believe that they were able to get done as much as they did.  He builds furniture (so if you need any speciality pieces built he is awesome - there is my plug) and can picture how something can turn out and make things happen and he makes it seem and look so easy.  Justin's quote of the weekend...'I went to Lowe's to get grout and came out with a wall full of cabinets'.  That is your hint.  Thank you Mr. Charles and Mrs. Pam for all of your help and hard work!  I am in love with it already!

Saturday Collier was official One and a half!  I just can't believe it and realize day by day how much of a big boy he is becoming.  His favorite words are: tractor, bird, and brink brink.  He almost has thank you down, but it sounds more like tack-ah.  We go on Wednesday for his doctor's appointment and I will be sure to update with his stats.  He is becoming more and more independent and knows exactly what he does and doesn't want.  Shakes his head with the most serious expression when he doesn't want something and if you insist a stomping of the feet and whining/crying fit will break out.  He has gotten tall enough to open the front door - can open all of the door's at my mom's house and we have really had to keep doors to the outside locked to keep from escaping.  He loves to sweep and use the blower to blow all of the leaves, and even loves the vacuum cleaner.  I hope he would continue to be such a big helper as he gets older.  He enjoys reading books and has become quite a little snuggler!  Every stage brings something new and with it new challenges as well as fun qualities and learning.  Being a mom is so rewarding and exhausting at the same time. 

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