Friday, September 23, 2011

Where we are

Now that we seem to be making our way successfully away from being sick and feeling back to normal - Collier that is - I am so glad and thankful that he is back to his old self.  I think that we finally figured out that his 2 year molars are coming in and have [and still are on some days] giving him a fit.  He crams his fingers as far into his mouth as possible and Justin and I are constantly saying "collier get your fingers out of your mouth'.   After being sick for the past few weeks we really got out of routine and schedule, specifically with going to school, I was really glad to be back on the schedule this week.  He did great both days when I dropped him off and Popoo and Nunny are here this week and have gotten to pick up him from school.

We have also started back to CBS Bible Study.  I am so excited to be back and looking forward to the study of the Gospel of John this year.  I am sort of in a different role this year than in years past, in that I am helping a little with the children's program and being an assistant core leader.  My responsibility is to check the children into their classes and then I go on to my core group.  On the first night, in transition from one room to another Collier saw me and thought that it was time to go home.  When we didn't go home it really threw him off and resulted in a lot of crying.  If you have been reading for a while you'll know that this is a normal thing for CBS [for some strange and unknown reason].  But this is his first year to be in a real class instead of just the nursery.  I was worried that each week me being in front of his class to check in the other kiddo's would be a problem.  After a lot of praying, God revealed himself and this past week was perfectly amazing.  He didn't shed a tear and really did awesome and had a great time.  It is always neat and fun to watch and see how God answers our matter how small they may seem!

One of the things we are working VERY hard on right now in our house is manners.  The please and thank yous and ma'am and sirs.  I just know for sure that the million times a day that Justin and I reinforce this will pay off.  Just this morning as Collier was sitting on the couch with an empty bowl and he asked me for a 'nanna'.  As I turned to get his banana he said 'here mama, please' as he held out the bowl that he wanted me to take to the kitchen.  He uses please more than anything else.  When he says no to something, I'll respond with 'no, what?' and he says 'no, please'.  So that is nicer than nothing but was more looking for no ma'am. Its a work in progress for sure!

We also have not mastered getting rid of pacey yet.  I started what I referred to as pasey boot-camp, who am I kidding?  I tried the bye bye binkey concept of cutting the pasey so that it is less of a comfort to him.  All of his pacey's are cut in half and he couldn't care less.  When he was sick, I even gave him a whole one and he actually wanted the cut one!  Plan B, right?  I have sort of backed off a little about it.  He has done so well with so many other things that if he has a pacey for a little longer than he should, so be it!  I am sure I will NOT be saying that once he goes to the dentist!  I think that we're going to have to go cold turkey and 'leave' them somewhere.  I think that him being sick for 2 weeks is what really threw me off.  I will say that we are back to ONLY having it in the doesn't come out of his bed!

It is nearly impossible to get him to brush his teeth.  It is an every day battle.  I've tried all of the tricks.  One night last week, I was tired and at my wits end and was doing my best to get him to brush his teeth with no success at all.  I even spanked him (which was when I realized this is not going good or in the right direction) so I just got up and walked out and closed the bathroom door.  I told myself that I needed to take a minute and try a better approach.  I went to the kitchen to get some water and when I walked back I could hear his tooth brush (electric) going.  That little stinker was brushing away..even those back teeth!  So that is what I do now.  I give him the tooth brush, sit him down and then tell him I'll be back to check on him and he brushes every time!! oh the struggle of independence! Who knew that would have ever worked....I laughed that first night he did it.  I told God that He must have known I was at a total loss and thankful that He took over!

I am going to try and do better about documenting our ups and downs and the different stages of what is going on.  I feel like I just post high points or big things and want to do better about the small things too. So you are now caught up with where we are!

Happy Friday!

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