Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall excitement

The weather that we're having is just perfect! Highs are in the 70s and the sun is shinning. I love fall time as the weather cools off and gives us a break from the heat stroke of a summer that we've had. It's time for scarfs, boots, pumpkins and soups! It just thrills me. I am sort of unprepared for dressing Collier with this weather as most of his clothes from last year do not fit and most of what I bought at the consignment sale are for COLDer and are little big plus they need to be washed. His only shoes are croc's and I don't even have socks that fit him, he of course doesn't mind and hasn't seem to notice that it is a little cooler in the mornings. I on the other hand am one happy person.

Speaking of excited...tonight Lindsey and I are headed to see Sugarland at Oakmountian and I am beside myself excited. Not only because it is Sugarland and this is supposed to be an AWESOME show but it is going to be cool and perfect for an outside concert!

And now I leave you with Collier's new dance.

Justin and I get so cracked up because he is so serious and waves his arms around. Way too funny.


Brandi Bartee said...

That is absolutely precious. Maybe he got his dancing moves from Eddie!

deidre martin booker said...

PRECIOUS...that dance is priceless. i love fall too and am loving this weather.