Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It is great to have a long weekend and to get to enjoy the extra days with family. We headed to Dothan on Wednesday night of last week. We stayed with Justin's dad and step-mom and got to catch up with them. Plus we got some time to spend with Chris, Amanda, Ashlyn and Hayden. I was so happy to get my hands on that sweet, precious baby! I just wish that we lived a little closer and could see them more often - this is the bad part about summer ending we don't see them since we aren't at the lake as much in the fall! Although, I may have to make a special trip down to see her before thanksgiving!

While we were in Dothan we also had the chance to catch up with more sweet friends that we don't see enough of...Eddie (Collier's Godfather) and Jennifer and their daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Collier are only 2 months apart and I really wish that we could get together more often with them. They are expecting their second little baby Cooper in a few weeks. Elizabeth is so sweet and talks way more and much better than CH.

Elizabeth sharing her gold fish with CH...isn't she smart already knows the way to win a man's heart!

On Friday we headed south to Compass lake and had a blast. Collier loves the water more and more and is getting more and more comfortable in it. He will just start walking out into the water with no fear that he can't touch past a certain point...yikes! He really loves the boat and every chance he could he was pointing and grunting to get in the boat! As long as we were up at the house he wanted to swing, I thought we would have to surgically remove the swing from his hiney he was in it so much this weekend. I thought he may have forgotten how to walk for a minute. He had two sets of his grandparents to entertain and push him to his hearts content!

look at those lips!

'what is taking yall so long, I'm ready to cruise'

My mom gets to spend this week with Baby Hayden, so Collier's Mela is here taking care of spoiling him. She is doing all of my laundry while CH laundry baskets don't know what to do because they are NEVER empty (I can't seem to get around to folding)I came home yesterday to a freshly made bed, clean bath towels, and piles of folded clothes and I didn't have to fold, or make any! What a gift, as if keeping up with CH isn't enough. I am so thankful for such great in-laws!

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