Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nashville Weekend

This weekend I ran in the Nashville Women's Half Marathon. It was a fun weekend and the race was a total success!

Two of the five girls that ran had husbands there to cheer us on...All of the guys were meeting to bring all of the children (seven kids between three men) to cheer us on around mile 8. The two other guys were on one side and Justin and Collier were on the other. So when we saw the guys, I was wondering in my head where is Justin and Collier as we were passing by Justin yelled my name..

and I was sooo HAPPY to see them and had to turn around to give high-fives to my cheering section!

I ran with almost the same group as the full that I ran in June, minus our coach who got married this past weekend. I'll post more pictures once I get them from the other girls! We finished in 2Hours 28Minutes and our goal was to finish under 2.5 hours...we were very pleased.

While we were in Nashville we took the opportunity to visit with Brett and Ashley. Collier had a blast with Ella and Mia. He wanted to rock Baby Shae in the bouncy so bad, but we did our best to keep Shae from having whip-lash! We watched the Alabama game with them and stayed through dinner and most of the Auburn game. It was very fun to visit with them and enjoy the company of such sweet friends (Justin and Brett went to preschool through most of Alabama together). These girls are not only beautiful but very sweet, thanks Brett and Ash for having us over for the day.

Aren't they so sweet?
and we think that Collier and Mia (on the right) could be brother and sister

The guys were a little nervous about the game, but thankfully Bama got their act together and pulled it off!

Cinderella took her prince charming for a ride in the jeep...I think that they road around for about 20 minutes and loved every minute of it, they were so cute.

Sweet Baby Shae

We stayed in a hotel and this was our first experience in a hotel with Toddler Collier and he did really good, especially since I got up at 5:00 on Saturday morning and did my best not to wake up my guys...Collier did wake up but thankfully he went right back down. He loved running up and down the long halls and flushing the toilet, he played in and out of the shower, and loved the mirrored closet doors. He also turned the air conditioner (which was a floor unit) on and off 100 times and was absolutely hilarious in the elevator - squatting up and down the whole time we were in it. He did do good for Daddy while we ran. The guys just couldn't get 7 children to the finish line to see us finish...can you believe that...ha, it was so crowded and I knew it would be hard with parking and that many kiddo's! Which turned out to be a good thing because Collier ended up taking a 2 hour nap after they left from seeing us! He played with Crystal and Denise's children until we were done with the race. I asked Justin last night how we got such a sweet little boy? He did so good and was easy going for the most part with all of the going and doing that we did this weekend.

This morning he figured out how to play peek-a-boo behind the curtain. Way to cute and way to fun. He has cracked Justin and I up several times today: first dancing, he has a new dance and then trying to cram himself and his lamb (which is about his size) into his new red car and they were like a car packed with clowns. Although he is quite challenging right now he is so much a bundle of joy. This Mommy couldn't be any happier!

has anyone seen Collier?


I had a unique conversation this morning, but I'm afraid no one is still reading and will be back to post later...

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