Monday, September 27, 2010

Can't get them out of my mind...

[sorry for the EXTREMELY long post yesterday...lots to cover]

So, yesterday morning Collier got up around 6:30 and since he didn't get a bath Saturday night I decided to get right up and shower him and me for the day. We got in and out and we were both starving and since Justin was just crawling out of the bed I decided to head down for breakfast with Collier. As we walked out of our room there was a couple in the hall way who instantly took notice of Collier and started talking to him. We had seen them around throughout the weekend. We told them good morning and Collier was being a little shy. So as I walked toward them they asked me where I was from and their faces lit up when I said Birmingham, explaining that it was where they were from although they lived in Franklin now. The man proceeded to share that earlier last week one of his son's took his own life. He said that his son (along with their other children) was adopted and that some friends had put them up in the hotel for the weekend. They were looking for their daughter (There were several rooms on our floor that their family occupied and they weren't sure which room she ended up in last night) before they left to get ready for the memorial service to be sure everyone awake. He proceeded to share with me that Collier had been a glimpse of joy in his day the day before. He went on and on about how much it meant for him to see Collier smile in the midst of what they were going through. He told me that I really couldn't understand how much it really did mean to him. My eyes teared up at the thought and realization of what this family was going through. I was filled with joy that Collier was used as a source of hope and joy for this man. I was filled with sadness for the brokenness that they must have felt. I was thankful to have Collier safe in my arms. He told me to be sure to share this with my husband as well, when he said this I instantly assumed that Justin and Collier must have bumped into him at some point on Saturday morning, while I was running, because I hadn't remembered interaction with him before. As I walked away - trying to keep myself together before I walked down to the breakfast area - I rounded the corner to the elevator and it suddenly hit me that on Saturday afternoon as we were leaving to go to watch the Bama game Collier had run ahead of Justin and I toward the elevator and this man was coming off the elevator and was shocked to see a little boy without parents with him (no worries we were only 3 steps behind him) and so we sort of laughed about Collier running so fast and then jumped on the elevator and went about our day. Not even considering or knowing how that man was feeling. As I wiped the tears from my eyes on the elevator ride down I just thanked God for Collier. I thanked God for His grace, His Love, His peace and especially asked Him to wrap His Loving arms around that family. I have no idea how many children they have, how old the son was or how he took his life...but honestly all of that doesn't matter. What does is that we had a positive impact on someone who was at a place in their life who needed it. This was nothing that I did, nothing that Justin did and nothing that Collier did but ALL that Christ did to allow each circumstance to unfold and allow us to cross each others paths at just the right time.

I can not get this family out of my mind. Before I walked away he asked what Collier's name was and just smiled and said 'thank you'. I asked for their last name so that I could pray for them! This ignited the thoughts in my mind about the impact that we have on the people around us. Every person, stranger, friend, family, co-worker, etc that we come into contact with is someone that God placed us in contact with for some reason. something as simple as a smile can change someones day. We never know what others are going through or may need but it certainly has brought that realization to mind for me. It also has me thinking that I probably need to slow down and appreciate my time with Collier. To be sure that I am teaching him about Jesus and His love and that nothing is to big or small for Jesus..he is with us always!

To apply our lesson from CBS out of 1 Peter...we are to be imitators of God, which should result in us being strangers in the world. If we are truly obeying and following Christ in ALL that we do then we will have the right and direct impact of those that surround us and will bring honor and glory to God!

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
-Romans 8:28


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Crazy Lady said...

Wow. what a story. Great thoughts and great scripture. thanks so much. really we have no idea what others are going through.

Amy Kennedy said...

I read this yesterday Shannon and CRIED. So true that we never know how God is working through us!! Thanks for sharing-congrats too on your marathon-whoo hoo-that is awesome and so fun that you have a good group to run with and encourage each other.