Monday, May 5, 2014

Collier Turns FIVE!

We started counting down after Kenley's birthday in March to the much anticipated April 30th!  Wednesday finally arrived and I am officially Mom to a 5 year old.  All five fingers worth of 5 amazing years that we have been blessed with Collier's life.  One full hand representing one awesome little man!  I love my little Collier man...he is such a little man and wants to be big more than anything else.  He is a diligent worker and is still very task oriented.  He loves to help us do any kind of work that we will allow him to do - mow the grass, wash dishes, vacuum, and has even scrubbed baseboards for me.  He is a great helper.  He is loving his first ever season of tee-ball and is doing so good.  After his game, he will come straight home and ask for Justin or I to play/practice baseball with him in the back yard.  It is fun to watch him grow into a sport so well!  He is tough yet snuggly.  He is considerate (most of the time) and quick to love and kiss when needed.  If I ask Kenley for a kiss and she turns me down, Collier will run over to fulfill the request.  And he even gave Mrs. Deidre a hug when William wouldn't give her one day at drop off at school.  Most of all he is just getting big and so grown up!

 birthday donuts to kick off our his birthday!

Sister loved all of the birthday sweet treats most of all!

When I started asking him a few months ago what he wanted to do for his birthday party and the first thing he asked for was a Golf Party...sounded good to me but Justin said NO! He felt that a golf course is not appropriate for a bunch of excited and energetic little boys.  The golf course is a quiet place!  I tried to move on but every other options and suggestions that I came up with was either too expensive or I just couldn't make it work.  I was starting to run out of time and decided to just circle back around to the possibility of a golf party...after all, the worth thing they could say is No! I called and the golf pro was very quick and willing to do something for me!  He then put me in touch with the club house to rent a small private room and within an hour I had it all scheduled!  Thankfully Justin was receptive (even still tentatively) and we moved forward! And here is how it all turned out:

 The putting contest began with the birthday boy and they all took turns from different distances (laid out by the Pro with tee's) and Justin and the Pro kept score with number of putt's.  

 running and limbo occurred as well.  No one said it wouldn't be a well rounded party :)

It was so great and lots of fun for Collier.  He has sweet friends who came to make his day special.  As we drove out of the golf course, Justin was willing to admit 'That went much better than I thought it would'.   Oxmore Valley was so kind and accommodating to help us make this party a great success.  Everyone was amazing and helpful!  And the boys did great!!  Thanks to everyone to being there for Collier's Birthday fun!

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