Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Reunion

This weekend we got to travel to Jacksonville, FL to celebrate with my Dad's side of the family 100 years since my great grandfather came to the United States. He saved enough money in 7 years to bring over his wife (Annie) and daughter (Mary) for a better life in the USA. They grew an amazing, fun-loving family who gathered 5 generations together this past weekend. It was wonderful to gather with Aunts, Uncles, and cousins who we don't get to see often enough.

This is the 4th Generation! (missing several)

And the 5th Generation! (missing a few)

The day consisted of everything from learning to make Baklava with Aunt Lorraine to softball game and water slides to card games, board games, outside games and of course lots of delicious food!

The sweetest part of the baklava making was watching how Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Tom worked together so diligently to make the trays.   They were all perfectly delicious.  Thank you for taking the time to teach!!

Chris figured out that none of them knew how to place nickle nickle...he said they combined about 4 different games into one to make it work.  Not sure who won or how they kept up with it.

Softball players

 We were so glad that Ash and Hayden were there too play along with too!

And then there are these two precious and sweet and beautiful cousins...If Collier could bottle them up and bring them home with him he would!  
 Carson - who loves sports but especially football and is very patient and nice to play with Collier.  He is such a great kid not to mention he is super handsome and cool!
Madison - well she stole Collier's heart a few years ago at my cousin Cami's wedding.  He literally talks about her all year long and at the mention of her name becomes silly with a red blush across his face.  She is so very sweet to Collier and tolerant of him being a total flirt and silly goose when she is around!  He told Ashlyn 'I love Madison and you will too - I can't wait for you to meet her'.  And at every meal he wanted to sit next to her. It is awesome to have such amazing family!

Now if we can only not let 22 years go by before we have our next reunion!  

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