Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bed Bugs

This has been happening more lately.  I have walked in on several occasions to him already in the bed with her.  This time, he had gone to get ALL of his 'friends' (lovey's) and thrown them in before he climbed in himself.  And usually heavy and high jumping follows.  We are seriously testing the limits of this crib.  I will not be one bit surprised if the bottom falls out when they are jumping.  I tell them not to but don't really reinforce it because I love the fact that they are giggling together.  And unlike the bed they can not fall off....although it is very possible that they fall THROUGH.  Oh well.  I am thinking the crib life may be in short order but I am not quite ready to think about her being in a big girl and real bed just yet.  

On a slightly different note!  This sweet girl is doing awesome on the potty training.  I would say we are 95% done.  When she gets too busy playing she will start to wet before she realizes she has to go...or she will just wait to long to tell us to be able to make it to the potty.  The biggest part is that she has been in big girl panties at night most of this week and we have been totally dry!  So proud of her.

If you're in Instagram, you've seen this one :)

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