Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We had such a fun weekend.  It was our first real weekend with no big plans and it was really so much fun.  Justin was super dad and played with Collier outside all day long!  Can I say Collier was one happy child to spend the entire day outside and with his daddy...HELPING and working as Collier would say!  It was really awesome.

They started the day by smoking a butt...that was just absolutely delicious!  Mom and Dad joined us for dinner and it was really awesome!  

Then they shaved and bathed Brinkley who hasn't stopped itching  for a solid month.  Hoping that less hair and a clean little girl will help.  But we have found a few flea's on her and I think that they are in the back yard eating her up every time she goes out.  Pooor Brink Brink.  We are medicating and treating and praying that she will feel better soon!  

While Justin was shaving Brink I think that some of her hair got into Collier's shirt and was bothering him.  So he spent the rest of the day with no shirt on.  Oh well, it could be worse!  Here is Collier making his lunch.  He is fixing his famous cheese sandwich with mayo, mustard and cheese.  [I think this is gross...but then my mom is quick to remind me that I used to eat ketchup sandwiches - yep that is bread and ketchup and now I am really grossed out] Whatever works!

The rest of the day was mixed with baseball, golf and swinging in the back yard, followed by naps and then our delicious dinner!  Such a fun and productive day.  I did get the house vacuumed while the guys were out side and Mrs. Priss was sleeping.  

Sunday was relaxing and low key.  The entire weekend was really fun.  It was fun to all be together as a family of four with no specific plans or places to be.  I am deeply humbled to have such an amazing husband and kids who are all healthy and just perfect.  I have so much to be thankful for and am trying to soak in each and every blessing and see God in the every day moments of our life!  He is so good!

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