Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Minutes with Collier

Enjoy! It just makes me laugh so hard to see him slurp those noodles up! I remember being young and thinking it was so much fun to do that with a really long piece of spaghetti.   Plus he was having fun and actually eating what I fixed him.

This past weekend was good and very low key.  We actually didn't do too much.  Justin and Collier worked out in the yard for a little while on Saturday and then Sunday we went to a small pond that has a walking path around it.  Justin and Collier fished and Brinkley and I walked.  We went to a birthday party Friday night for one of neighbors.  Saturday night we went and ate with Mom and Dad.  Sunday night we cooked steaks!  

Collier has been waking up before 6:30am for the past two weeks...normally he wakes up closer to 7am, which Justin and I both prefer.  But this morning he slept until almost 8am, I guess with the time change he needed a little catching up.  Not that I am counting on that becoming a habit but just goes to show that they will catch up when they need it.  It is times like this when I am really thankful to have a flexible job that allows me to come in a little late when needed and also for Mom...I could just take him in his PJs to Nammies house! Which made both of us [Collier and I] happy!  He loves to go in his jammies to her house...although some days she has a hard time getting him out of his jammies which isn't any fun for her! 

Because I have had my bags packed and ready  I also went ahead and packed up my camera.  Last night when I was uploading pictures from the sprinkle I realized that I haven't taken any pictures in February or March...except a few on my cell phone.  My bags have only been packed for 3 weeks so I am not sure what my excuse is for most of February.   I don't have any pictures to show for what we have been up to and that is killing me.  The camera is coming back out so that I can do better with snapping pictures to better document.  I know once baby girl arrives I'll do better but I feel like I've had lost time since I don't have pictures to show for what we've been doing [which honestly isn't much which would also maybe explain why I have no pictures]....Lord knows that my brain can't remember anything and that the pictures are really a requirement at this point for me to remember anything!  We'll see how I do. 

Hope that you've had a good Monday!  Please join me in praying this little girl will arrive soon!  

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