Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Week

I need/want to be sure to have this documented
Kenley's arrival: When I went to my 38 week appointment I was given the option to be induced or just wait it out.  I was already almost 2cm and this baby girl was fully ready and growing by the minute.  She seemed to stay on my nerves low in my stomach and the shooting pains were just about to make me crazy.  But if you know me you know that I am not a huge fan of being induced.  Collier came on his own and I really wanted Kenley to as well!  BUT after tears and prayers and thinking about it I decided to be induced.  So Thursday night we packed up Collier and let him spend the night with Mom and Dad.  Friday morning we got up bright and early and got to the hospital at 6am.  As soon as they got all of my IV's in and everything going the doctor broke my water [I was so worried about this hurting and honestly was scared about it but it was no big deal at all for me....more uncomfortable than painful]  I labored.  My doctor told me I could get the epidural at any time.  As soon as my contractions really hurt, I got my epidural.  I napped a little.   I had awesome nurses who took really good care of me and were fun to chat with as well.  They nurses checked me again around noon and I was complete and ready to go.  They called the doctor and at 1:16pm Kenley arrived.  I cried after I started pushing, I could believe that she was really about to be here!  It was awesome.When they said that she was 8LB I almost died.  Although I sort of could believe it because my tummy couldn't have been stretched straight out any more than it was!  Then I was REALLY glad that I didn't wait any longer....inducing was the right thing.  It was no problem.  My body was ready, my baby was ready and she is finally here.

We brought Collier back first to let us have a few minutes with just us and he was very unsure.  Mom said that all day he had been asking for me and wanting to come and see me.  But when he saw me laying in the hospital bed he was very unsure and wouldn't come to me at all.  When he saw Kenley he cut his eyes at her and sort of turned up his nose.  Just didn't seem to be interested and really wanted nothing to do with her.  We set up his little DVD player for him to watch a movie, suddenly Kenley started crying and he turned around in his chair with both hands in the air and said 'What in the world?'  I about fell out laughing to hear him say that.  It was soo funny.  It took him a few hours before he would just sit on the bed next to me.  But when he finally did he wanted his shoes and socks off and under the covers with me. He is such a sweet little boy!
Chris, Amanda, Ashlyn and Hayden came up and since Ash was so interested and wanting to hold Kenley it made Collier a little more interested.  So, he did sit with Ash and hold her for just a minute.  But that was it and he hasn't wanted to since.   The only thing that he wants to participate with is changing her diaper...he likes to get a wipe and wipe her hiney and then throw the diaper away.  Beyond that he has just about tuned her out and tries to pretend she isn't here.  He gets frustrated when she cries, I think that it sort of stresses him out and he just doesn't know what to do.  She grits his teeth sometimes and tells her 'no crying baby kenley' and other times tells me that she wants me to hold her.  I feel so bad when he asked me to do something with him or for him and I am in the middle of feeding [which right now is almost all the time] and I have to tell him I can't right now.  I make an effort to be sure to pass her to Justin when I am done so that I can do whatever with him that he asked.  Justin has honestly done most of the playing and participating with him this past week.  Thank goodness for sweet Daddies!!!  

While we were in the hospital Mella and Buzz stayed at our house with Collier and it was a huge help to have someone caring for and doing just for Collier.  He had really good undivided attention and I think that he really needed it.  This week my Mom has been huge help with taking Collier each day and again just focusing on him and giving him the attention that he so much needs.  Tonight I was holding him and he gave  me the biggest squeeze hug and said 'nuggle bunny'.  I know that he wants my undivided attention and I so want to give it to him...It is a hard balance.  I am still trying to heal.  Plus being up more at night...I am more tired.  So, it is an adjustment for him....but it is for me as well.  Emotionally I want to be sure that he knows that he is as much of a priority as Kenley is!  I am not sure that I am successfully doing that at this point and am praying about this balance for me!

Today, we went to the doctor for our one week check-up.  Everything was great.  She had dropped a lot of weight in the hospital, the last night we were there she was down to 7lb 9oz.  Today she weighed 8lb 2oz, so she is almost back to her birth weight and the doctor was very pleased with that.  I am still trying to get adjusted back to nursing and getting her to latch good and correctly...she doesn't open up wide like I need her to, but it is getting better and better each day.  She is eating, pooping and sleeping just like she is supposed to and since she is gaining plenty of weight we must be doing something right.  We did try and give her a bottle this week [I've pumped a few times to give me a break...or so I thought that I would]  and she wanted nothing to do with that!  

This has been a great and hard week. I am so thankful that she is here and that she is 100% healthy.  That we are all adjusting and trying to find that right routine and balance as a family!  I still can't believe I have a little boy and a little girl!  God is so good!

I think that I have caught up and if you are still get a GOLD star.  You deserve an award, so please pat yourself on the back and know that I love you!

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