Monday, April 2, 2012

Collier's Adjustment

Has it already been two weeks?  Yes it is true...actually just over two weeks since Kenley arrived.  Collier is still adjusting.  He is getting better but I don't think that he really understands how fragile that she really is.  Most of the time he just tunes her out and acts as if she isn't here...especially if she is in the bassinet or in her bouncy [out of our arms] and quiet.  Most often when I am either feeding or holding Kenley Collier wants me to hold him.  It is a struggle for me to have to tell him no...specifically if I am feeding her.  I battle the desire to give him the attention that he needs/wants and also care fully for Kenley, it is hard and I am learning that it is a balance.  For the first week that we were home the only thing that Collier wanted to be involved in was when I changed her diaper that she wanted to get a wipe and wipe her.  And so, that is what he did....even if he was in the middle of doing something he would insist on being a part of the diaper changing.  In the past few days he hasn't really been as interested in the diaper changes but he has become a little more aware of her in her bouncy and will lean down and talk to her.  It is a slow process but I am thankful that it is getting better.  He still has not held her and hasn't really had any desire to try, he says that 'she too heaby'.  We just don't push the issue and try to just encourage him when he does interact or acknowledge her.  We went to church yesterday and he told me that Kenley should stay at home and not go to his church.  Like I said...slow progress!  He still gets very upset when she is crying.  He grits his teeth and curls up his nose.  Sometimes he'll say through his teeth 'no no kenley, no crying'.  Very ugly.   But today we were headed out the door and she was a little fussy in her car seat and he leaned down to her and said 'its ok momma is right there'.  Very sweet.

As for Kenley..she is doing great.  She is eating good.  Sleeping pretty good [very good during the day and mostly good at night].  For the first 12 days she loved to be swaddled up good and tight, but the past few nights she has really fought being so snug and slept better when I had her out of the swaddle.  Although last night was a long night with lots of crying and fussing...after trying twice to get her to sleep so that I could get in the bed I gave in and just cuddled up on the couch with her and slept there for a few hours before putting her down and me getting into the bed.  She sleeps in the bassinet next to our bed it is just a little easier for me to have her close during the night!  We went to the doctor last Friday and she weighed 8lb 9.5oz.  She is a growing girl!  If we can just keep her awake for a few hours longer during the day instead of at night all would be fabulous.  Thankfully even when she is loud and crying at  night...Collier sleeps through it and doesn't seem to be bothered to bad!  


The Swifts said...

She is such a beautiful baby! My pedi told me this and it really was true - at about 4 months the older child won't even remember life before the new baby. They do adjust! Hope you are getting a little rest!

Crazy Lady said...

Luke had a really hard beginning too with a new sister. But it all worked out and none of my other kids did. Hang in there, good luck. Hope uncan get some sleep. She is beautiful!