Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ashlyn's T-Ball Game

We got the opportunity to go and see my niece play t-ball.  This was Collier's first time to watch a T-ball game and the fact that his cousin was the one out on the field was loads of fun.  Here is what Collier asked/said while we were there: 'did you bring my glove?', 'I want to go out there, right now', 'Is it my turn now', 'where is my glove and ball?'.  Needless to say it was very hard for him to understand that he could not participate.  It was really fun to see Ash playing and I think that it was good for Collier to see and be there.  Thankfully after the game Uncle Chris let him get out on the field to run a little.  We love our fun and sweet cousins!
 Isn't she so cute with all her red and white polka dot ribbons?  I think so!
 Swing Batta Batta Batta
 Wishing and wanting to be on the field so bad he can just taste is hard to want to and not be able to.  We even told Collier he had to have on the special team black shirt to go on the field and he looked straight at Aunt Amanda and said look I have on my black shirt!  Sorry baby that is blue not black, at least he tried.
 We sent this picture to Justin and he was quick to respond to take that PINK hat off my little boy!  His first question to me when we talked was...why in the world did he have on a pink helmet?
Good Game, good game, good game
 Stomping on the bases...One day he'll get his chance on the diamond.  But Daddy says not for a few more years!

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