Friday, April 20, 2012

Potty Talk

So, it isn't exactly my idea of a great conversation but having a little boy [or maybe it is just children in general but my little boy is especially fond of this conversation] certainly yields itself to discussing potty stuff...specifically gas.

Any time that Collier passes gas he will immediately let you know by either saying.  'I passed gas' or 'that was me'  in case any one was wondering! He will normally will point to his hiney.  We do our best to encourage and reinforce him saying excuse me following his owning up to it.  Here is how our conversation went one day this week:

He passed gas..
CH: 'I passed gas' as he smiles big and laughs
Me: 'you did?  What do you say'
CH: 'shuuu wee'
Me: 'what do you say when you pass gas Collier'

CH: 'that stinks'
Me: 'nice, thank you for clarifying.  what are your good manners for when you pass gas'
CH: still laughing
Me: 'excuse me, lets use our good manners please'
CH: 'sucuse me'

Beautiful!  when he goes poo poo on the potty he makes the shuu wee noise and usually very loudly.  I just wonder if he does this at school and with others or if it is just at home?  I never do know.  Either way, sort of funny but also trying to stick with the good manners!

So, it is little boys or is it just children in general?

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