Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lake Visit

Mom and I got to spend the past two weeks at the lake with the kids!  Our men came and went but we stayed and we loved it.  It was so hard to pack up and head home on Sunday.  Although I was very ready to be with my husband after a whole week away.  He worked and we played and relaxed.  There is just nothing better than an extended amount of time at the lake where relaxation is priority...even with a busy 3 year old!  We couldn't have asked for better weather, cool in the evenings and mostly sunny during the days and we only had a few rain showers during the two weeks we were there.  The water was a little cold but not too cold for Collier; mom and I would wade in as much as we could stand it but let him and Brinkley jump and bounce around in the water.  Collier has gotten really content with being naked lately,  and requested to 'swim nahed' and did so several times.   Thankfully at this time of year there aren't many people at the lake and so we let him indulge in some naked swimming.  He loved to splash and run with Brinkley and jump over the waves as they came to shore.  He wanted badly to go to the deep water [especially if Brinkley was swimming out deep] and had to be reminded that he doesn't know how to swim.  We are looking forward to swim lessons very soon so that won't be a problem this summer!  We were on constant look out for any boats that would drive by and if they had a skier it was extra exciting.  We didn't have our boat in the water this trip but I am sure we will next time down!

 I have no idea what made him get into this tiny baby stroller but he did!
 Yummy Watermelon and Precious Boy covered in red when he was done!

There were days that we never got out of our PJ's - did I mention that it was relaxing?  I nursed on the front porch with a perfect lake view.  Kenley seemed content and happy with her first ever lake trip!  Mom bought a water/sand table for the lake and Collier broke that in as well.   And then in the middle of the week Collier went to spend a few days with his other grandparents and that left Mom, Kenley and I with some mostly quiet girl time at the lake.  We made a quick trip to Grady's in Graceville, FL [if you are ever in the Florida panhandle, it is worth a quick detour to eat at Grady's...they have the most delicious fried catfish, shrimp and onion rings] It was awesome! My Dad came down for the last weekend that we were there and Collier was his little shadow, helping him in any way that he could.  It just makes me so happy to see and watch Collier with my parents and how strong of a bond that they have.

the weather, the company, the quiet, the relaxing, the special time with my kiddo's and mom...really it couldn't have been any better [well except if maybe Justin was there].  It really was so much fun!  Hopefully we'll get in one more long lake trip before I have to be back to work full time!

 Sand and water table! 
Fishing with Daddy one afternoon
 Doing what he does best...helping!  

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