Thursday, April 26, 2012

Singing...or lack of!

Monday night Collier, Kenley and I returned to biblestudy for the first time since Kenley was born.  It was good to get back into that routine and just to have completed the lesson and be there was very nice.  And the children were singing for the group which is always a great treat.  You can check out the last time that they sang here.  But since Collier hasn't been there for several weeks he wasn't quite up on the songs.  One of the teachers even told me that he didn't want to go in at all and it was only at the last minute that he agreed to go in...Praise the Lord for these sweet and loving teachers who pour out their love and attention on these children each week.  I am so thankful for them!

The children came in wearing little sheep mask and Collier refused to wear his
Collier and the other little girl who was moving around are the two youngest in the class
I have no idea why he kept turning around, not sure who he was looking at or for?
He cracked me up how he was all laid back on the steps at first
His favorite song is Jesus loves me and is the only song that he knows all of the words to

He finally put his sheep mask on as we were leaving...upside down!  

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