Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Boy

Yesterday we celebrated Collier's 3rd Birthday!  I can't believe that he is already three. It has gone way to fast. It was a fabulous day for a very special and amazing little man!

We started the day with pancakes and what was most important to Collier was us singing and him blowing out candles [we did it three times].  He then got to open a few gifts, which lead to some play time with a few of those gifts.  Then he ate a few bites of his cupcakes [as Daddy says: 'you have to try them before you let others have them, make sure they are ok'].

His birthday party was at the carousel at the Galleria and we had a few sweet friends join us.  It was great to not have a party at our house and all that is involved with having a party at your house, I was needing and going for something easy but also something that would be fun and special for Collier.  This was his first birthday party with friends...not just our family!  The carousel is one of his favorite things to do and it was very easy on me.  Two rides on the carousel was just right for everyone.   The Chick-fil-A cow brought everyone icecream and I took the cupcakes and we were done.  We are so thankful for sweet and precious friends to join us and Collier really had a good time.

 Kenley slept through the entire party, I never even took her out of the car seat...she missed the whole party!
Collier's Favorites as he turns 3:
-Favorite Question: WHY?  he asks a lot of questions now.  He is making up for talking a little late because he really doesn't stop talking most of the day :) [my mom would call this pay back]
-Favorite Foods: Blueberry MiniWheats for breakfast [he stopped eating banana's about 3 weeks ago], fruit snacks, nilla waffers, cantaloupe
-Favorite Drink: sprite[thanks to Nammy]
-Favorite Movies: toss up between IceAge and Cars
-Favorite Activities: mowing the grass, swinging high, playing with his matchbox cars and tractors, running 'dast' [fast], riding his new bike
-Favorite shows: Mickey Mouse, Clifford and Jake and the Neverland Pirates
-Favorite Song: he will play Jesus Loves Me on the guitar, it is really funny.

He is so special to us and such a great little boy.  My heart still melts in a million pieces when I even think about him.  When he asks me to lay down with him in the bed he puts his arm around me and lays cheek to cheek on me and grins the biggest grin...I can help but do the same!  He likes for us to 'hold me for dust two minute'.  He is still adjusting to Kenley's arrival but seems to be coming around slowly.  He is very funny and certainly keeps us laughing.  Not to mention he is really smart [I know all mom's say this about their children but he just figures things out that are so cleaver and smart and has a really sharp memory].  I am very very proud of him and love him more than words could ever describe!  Happy Birthday little man!

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