Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Day of School

Collier's last day of school was Thursday.  I can't believe that this year has gone by so fast.  Collier was greatly blessed with some of the greatest ever teachers this year.  It was sort of a crazy year in that one teacher went on maternity leave about middle of the year and then the other teacher moved away before the end of the year. But even through all of that we just love the school and all of his teachers!  I know that this year has helped him to grow and develop in so many ways.

First Day of School
Mrs. Lindsey

Last Day of School

Mrs. Elizabeth

Like I said before.  There were still days that he didn't want to go to school and that he clung tightly to me as I dropped him off.  Yet there were other days that he would go straight in with no problems and wave bye to me as if I couldn't leave quick enough.  Either way, these teachers loved him and cared for him in a mighty way.  We are so glad to have such a wonderful year for our first year ever!!

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