Thursday, May 3, 2012


So, we have had a break through in the past week.  Collier is starting to come around and acknowledge that Kenley is here.  Last Friday she was 6 weeks and apparently that is the magic number for him.  We still have a long ways to go and he will not hold her just yet but he has hugged and kissed her on his own in the past week...I say on his own, because we tell him to kiss Kenley every night before he goes to bed and so this week his affection has been unprompted by us and it is such a huge relief.  He even put her passey in when she was crying.  She was starting to cry and I had walked out of the room and heard him get up so I peeked back around the corner to be sure he wasn't touching her and he was putting the passey in her mouth, she of course she spit it right out and started crying again so I encouraged him to put it back in her mouth and hold it gently for a minute.  He did and she finally kept it in and so he and I both cheered and clapped at how good he did.  Normally when she cries he will stand next to her and make his famous 'ugly face' and sometimes even roar/growl like a lion at her, needless to say putting the passey in is much better than the roaring!

Also, when I have dropped him off at school the past two weeks he has acknowledged her before going into the class room.  I usually leave her in the hall while I go into his class and put his backpack and lunch box on the shelf, both days he has wanted me to carry her into the class and not leave her in the hall.  Last Thursday morning he even pointed her out to his teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth.  Yesterday when we got home from running some errands I set Kenley's car seat on the porch while I opened the door and put everything down.  I turned around and he was rocking her seat and ask me 'what about her?'.  Not sure if he wanted me to leave her out there but it seemed that he was wanting to be sure that I brought her in....Maybe that is my wishful thinking.  But don't ruin it for me, let me wish big!

These are just baby steps.  He has still roared at her this week and he has made his very ugly face at her when she is crying.  He even tells me not to bring her in the room if he is watching TV or a movie because she is too loud [when she cries].  He also tells me to put her down so that I can hold him.  Even the small steps are a big deal to me.  While we were at the lake he told my parents that he didn't like her!  Steps in the right direction are good, even if they are tiny steps!  I will just continue to pray for him and for her and that they will have a love for each other that could only be explained by the Grace of God!

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