Monday, May 14, 2012

What it means

Gosh, this mommy thing is crazy.  Being a mom is an honor and joy.  It brings so much good and delight and at the same time can be heart breaking, sad, stressful and just plain hard.  But even in those hard and difficult moments it is worth every single minute because to look at your child in the face and know and feel and giving of pure love...that love eliminates everything else.  I often become speechless when I think about my children.  It is a love of no other. It means having to discipline out of love.  It means getting to tuck them into bed and wish them a night filled with sweet dreams.  It means being the ONE that they want when they are hurt or sad.  It means running around crazy to get everyone dressed to get out the door to go anywhere.  It means smelling like spit up and being covered it all day on some days.  It means getting to see a first smile.  It means being a play mate.  It means being the master chef and meal planner.  It means being a teacher.  It means constant prayer.   It means having the most important job in the world to raise them up right. It means getting and giving endless kisses.  It means so much more than words can really describe.  It is a gift from God and I am greatly blessed and thankful for to be a mommy to these two precious children!

Mother's days was so good.  It was Youth Sunday at church and the kids did a great job at the service, probably one of my favorite services because they played praise music with just guitars and it was fabulous.  Collier went to his first Children's church service and did great.  We had a relaxing afternoon before my parents came over and Justin fried fish, fries and cooked cheese grits.  It was really a great day.  And through the day I just kept thanking God.  Thanking Him for my children, my husband and for allowing me to be a Mom.  I have lifted all of my friends who are mom's up to Him and have asked Him to bless those who so badly want babies with His precious gift of a new life!  I sat with both of my babies in my lap last evening and I think that my heart skipped a beat at the happiness of getting to kiss them both on the head.  they are healthy and in my eye's just perfect!

Happy Mothers to everyone!

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