Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Random things

Nothing like a mid week bit of randomness:
-Collier and I ate a quarter of a watermelon in 3 days
- I've started swaddling Kenley at night again this week and she has slept 8 hours three nights in a row [not last night though]

- I've started running again...I'm slow and need to get into a consistent routine with is freedom and relaxing and horrible all at the same time.
- I am a baby wearer (is that a word?) I have a moby wrap and wear kenley through most days...I love it
- This is Collier's last week of school...I can't believe it has gone by so fast.  I am so proud of him, it has been up and down and moments he has loved and even still has some days he doesn't want to go.

- I dropped my phone and cracked the screen...I'm in need of an otterbox!  Justin needs one too before he cracks his...its only a matter of time.
- collier is going to be a ring bearer in my cousins wedding in June. He got measured this week for his 'super duper suit' and asks everyday if it is time for the wedding...

- I'm obsessed with yellow right now... its my favorite color [at least for now]
- my mom is super Nammy for keeping BOTH of my kids when I go back to work...please pray for her!!!
- I am waiting to hear from the Y about swimming lessons for Collier...Hope to be floaty free very soon

- Have a good day!!!

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