Sunday, May 13, 2012


Kenley is 8 weeks!  2 Months.  Pure Joy.  New Normal.  Growing too Quickly.

On Tuesday night she slept all night...8 hours, our first all night sleep. I was thankful because Justin was out of town that night and I needed the extra sleep.  Although I woke up twice to double check she was ok and breathing.  Last night she did it again, which was an answered prayer.  As I fell asleep I prayed that she would sleep all night, perfect mothers day gift to me!

She still has her blue eyes.  I am convinced that they will turn brown, but a few people have said that they think that they will stay blue.  My vote is that they will turn but I could be wrong...I would love a blue eye'd brown haired little girl.   We both have blue eyes in our families, so it is possible but as dark as Justin's and mine are I just don't know if it is as likely.

She has been on a colic medicine for the past two weeks. It has helped with the constant crying in the evenings but the spitting up is still very excessive and heavy.  So, the doctor gave us some reflux medicine that we started on Friday and I am praying that it will make a difference.  Although she is eating very good - normally every three to four hours during the day.

I started back to work two weeks ago, working from home for the rest of this month, so I wrap her around me [I am loving my Moby wrap] and she really seems very content and sleeps great!  It is great for me since I have her so close to me and am still able to get work done.  Even doing stuff with Collier or things around the house, the wrap allows her to be close to me and still have two free hands.  It works great and working from home has allowed me to slowing transition back into work.

She has started smiling in the past week and is so cute.  She will open her mouth wide and then smile on one side before she gives a full on smile.  It is so cute and funny.

She also likes to sleep with the blankets close or over her face.  Collier did the same exact thing with his lovey [and still does].  This was when we were packing to come home from the lake last weekend and she had snuggled up with her burp cloth...whatever works.
The opinions are all very different on who she looks most like.  At first I thought she looked so much like Collier but I don't so much any more.  Although when I am nursing her I do see Collier in her... maybe it's the cheeks.  Her coloring is even so different than Justin or me, more like my Mom.  She does have a lot of Justin's features for sure.  It is fun to me to watch how they change and grow and develop into the person that God created them to be.

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