Monday, May 9, 2011

The Birthday Party

It was so much fun. It was only family.  It was just right.  It was what I had hoped for!  It was a day of celebration for my sweet baby Collier!

I have once again been reminded that I am NOT a party planner!  I searched the web high and low for children's train parties and found a million different ideas in a million different directions. I have the best intentions and then usually my mind goes in about 50 different directions and then I have to take a deep breath and decide what I can actually do. I then try and PIECE together what I liked most and then execute!  Yikes, stress!  But thanks to my parents, my aunt and especially my very tolerant husband...we made it happen!  I think that my aunt put it perfectly....I think that 'I have more time in my head than in reality'  That is a hundred percent true.  So some things didn't get done and what did get done got done and what didn't...didn't. One thing that didn't get done counter tops!  I went with plan B and covered my exposed cabinets with shelving pieces and then covered with fabric.  You would have never known there wasn't a real counter top.  Anyway, 2 year olds don't know the difference and that was what April 30th was all about!

Menu: Pork Sandwiches (Justin smoked the Boston Butt on Friday, I  made the buns...both were delicious) slaw, corn and bean salad (courtesy of my Aunt Jackie) and strawberries and blueberries.  Red Velvet cupcakes for the cake. Easy but good was my goal! 

Ashlyn and Collier played so good together.  They were so content with each other and were just precious together!  Hayden (8mo)and Emory(4mo) also were there and next year they will certainly be in the middle with these two!
they took turns (w/ no arguing at all!) pushing each other
He LOVED opening his gifts

one of his gifts....He and Ash had a BLAST

He really can't reach the pedal but can scotch up and make it go!

I bought conductor hats and for some reason CH wore his either backwards or sideways.  cracked me up
Ash loved Collier swing...she squealed in delight at how high she could swing

The weather was so nice, including a nice breeze most of the day...which blew my HUGE balloons into the tree.  they are still there and Collier still goes out and points to them. 

It was fun and I am really glad that it is behind me..that is the party itself.  I still can't get over how big Collier is getting and how fast he is growing up.  We then let Collier nap and headed to my parents house to enjoy dinner with Chris, Amanda, Ashlyn and Hayden.  By the end of the night Collier passed out sitting with Justin on the couch.  He really didn't feel good most of the day, nothing worse than being sick on your birthday...those dang teeth finally came through last week! 

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