Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Did you say five?  Last night we were sitting on the couch winding down before bed.  He was playing with Justin's watch and I was showing him the numbers on the clock and I started counting and he went to FIVE.  I was shocked.  I made him do it again to be sure it wasn't a fluke and then I ran and got the camera.  Justin and I cheered so much when he did it that he started getting really excited after counting at all.

It sounds like he says six, but I am not sure that it was REALLY six.  and when I say six his response is 'des' which is yes.  
In celebration of counting to five, here are my five favorite things about Collier right now:

  1. He is counting to five!! I am so proud of him 
  2. When he wakes up he says 'Momma hold Tollier' and then I walk in and he asks for Dadda to hold Tollier.  
  3. Run...he loves to run.  No matter where or what is going on he wants to run and he especially loves it if you will run with him!  He gets so tickled, you just can't help but laugh with him.
  4. He is such a sponge.  He is so very teachable at this point and I love to see how he is growing, learning and discovering all that is around him! Mom is working to teach him Johnny Appleseed prayer and he is catching on quick!  Talking up a storm.
  5. His smile.  He is just so sweet and I love it when he flashes that big smile..dimples and all!  I could just eat him with a fork and love every bite!  I ask Justin ALL.THE.TIME how we got such a sweet little boy!  Love him to pieces!

I could go on and one...but I'll stop at five for now!
Justin asked yesterday, did he [Collier] just wake up and decide he was going to talk and say things.  He was specifically referring to Collier jumping up and down and saying 'yeah ice keam' after I asked if he wanted to share some ice cream with me.  How does he know to say yeah at ice cream.  Kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for.  Walking sponge soaking up the world around him.  I just pray that he soaks up all of God's love along the way!  It

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