Sunday, June 12, 2011


It is with a very sad and heavy heart and many tears that I share that my parents had to put their dog of 13 years down on Friday.  I got Abby when I was a freshman at Auburn, my roommate told me about an alumni of her sorority who had a golden retriever who they thought were having pure-bred goldens and when they were born they have various color dogs.  Anyway...they were giving them away.  Chris' roommates sister and I went and got the two golden puppies from the litter to give to our Mom's!  Mom and Dad were empty nester's for the first time and Mom was sad for the house to be so quiet.  When Chris and I came home for Thanksgiving we brought Abby home with us.  Abby has been the most perfect fit for my mom.  She has been laid back and easy going since she was a puppy.  One time she got out of the backyard while mom was working and when mom got home she was laying at the front door...she knew that she had it too good to go anywhere else!  And believe me, she has had it G.O.O.D!  She has been my mom's baby since the day she got her!  She had one blue eye and one brown eye.  She let the grandkids roll all over her.  Matter of fact, Ashlyn said 'babby' way before she said 'Grammy'.  Every time Ash saw my mom she would say 'babby?' to the point that we even thought that was what Ashlyn was going to call mom babby!   

I so much wish that I had some pictures of Ashlyn with Abby because she really loves her.  since Ash was old enough to realize Abby was around she has taken to her; and for good reason.  Since Collier stays with Abby every day, he obviously loves her.  We have tried to teach him to be gentle and easy with Abs in her old age and he finally has resorted to hugs and kisses only for Abby; and of course every now and then he would feel the need to run into her with his lawn mower.  Again, I said that we have TRIED to teach him to be easy.  But Abby wouldn't fuss or complain one bit.  So gentle spirited and sweet nature.  She must be the sweetest natured dog that I have ever known.  Soft.  Cuddly.  Content. Spoiled.  She had really bad allergies and for the past several years my Mom had cooked chicken breast for her, morning and night she has chicken breast chopped up with chicken broth and a tiny bit of dog food. 

It has really only been the past few months that she has gotten worse.  She still wants dinner and food and has a very strong desire to meet anyone coming in the door.  The problem is that her back knees just can't hold up any more.  She has done her best but I think that this week Mom just saw that she couldn't hardly hold herself up to go potty.  We have had to carry up and her down the stairs.  Mom wanted so badly for her to just pass away on her on and NOT have to make this so hard decision.  It just breaks my heart in so many ways.  I just know that she is in doggy heaven and hope that we will get to have her company back when we go to heaven one day [this is just one of the unknowns but I am very hopeful that the animals that we so love and have become parts of our families will join us in heaven]

She is already missed.  I am sad.  I will be sad when I drop Collier off on Monday and she isn't there.  I will be sad on a night that my Dad is out of town and my Mom doesn't have Abby there to keep her company.  Just plain sad.  We would appreciate your prayers this week as life adjusts to not having her in our daily lives....especially for Mom and Dad!


Crazy Lady said...

oh that is so sad.

Gail said...

Your sweet, kind, Mom wrote me about Abby. What a blessed life she had with all of you. I know that your Mom and Dad are so sad today. I pray her memories will lift their hearts soon. God Bless each of you at this very, very sad time. Love to all of you. In his Love, Gail