Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Soccer Shots

This was our first year for Collier to play soccer - it really isn't playing it is a 45 minute after school program called Soccer Shots that teaches the basic fundamentals of soccer - for what that is worth to a 3 year old - and team building.  These boys and girls are the cutest things ever.  Plus they have a really awesome and fun Coach Jason that makes it even better!  Monday they gave awards and invited the parents to come and watch. I loved it.  Collier has really built some sweet friendships with these boys and they are just so precious.  Collier is sometimes the odd man out brunette...there are lots of blondes in his class!

 He looked like he had done it before, the way he bowed his head to accept his medal.  So funny! and so proud to show off his medal.  

We have loved this program so much and if nothing else, it drains a lot of energy in a very positive way!

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