Sunday, April 28, 2013

Car Ride

Collier wanted a passenger in his car last weekend..he got one, not exactly his first choice but it worked. They both laughed and giggled.  She loved it.  Her very first car ride!  

This is becoming the new norm.  They both love it.  Collier has added either me chasing them or them chasing me and they laugh and giggle and squeal in delight!  She even likes to just sit and play and climb around in the car by herself.  So cute and so fun.  Reality is that they are both getting so big and so sweet.

Collier still has his moments of not wanting Kenley around, involved or in his space.  But when they have moments like this and he actually enjoys and wants her it is really sweet.  This weekend she was playing on his scooter and he walked up and said 'I think she wants to wide' and so we did and it was so sweet, very slow and careful!  Another time Collier and Justin were playing baseball and I was trying to keep Kenley from climbing up the picnic table and he yelled (sweetly) 'Momma I bet she wants to swing' and he was right, she was so happy to swing!  Moments and glimpses of hope as their little hearts grow closer together!

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