Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Celebration 2013

We made a whole weekend of our Easter celebration [and I am going to highlight it all in one post, consider yourself warned].  I was slightly worried about the rain setting in on Sunday and decide we would hunt eggs on Saturday morning. It was fun to talk and read and teach Collier this year about why we celebrate Easter.  I know that he is getting reinforcement of this from school and bible study and it is awesome to see him actually retaining the meaning of it.

Me: Collier, Jesus rode a what
CH: a donkey
CH: Jerusalem
Me: and then what happened
CH: He died on the cross
Me: what did He do wrong
CH: Nothing
Me: and then when He died, He..
CH: rode
Me: Yes, He rose. and then where did He go?
CH: to heaven.
Sweet boy and sweet truth.  He did RODE indeed!  He rose and redeemed us in the process, making us righteous by His blood!  Praise be to Him.

We started our weekend by dying Easter Eggs with Deidre and William.  The boys had a blast playing and were quite engaged in the Easter Egg dying - we were shocked that they were, just think 3 year old rough and tough boys! And I got to spend time with my sweet friend.

Saturday we hunted our eggs with Nammy and Pops.  Kenley needs a little practice, maybe next year she'll catch on a little more!!  Collier loved it.  The Easter Bunny hid both the real eggs as well as a few plastic eggs.  Collier wouldn't put the plastic eggs in his basket, as he felt those were for Kenley and would place them in her basket.  That is until he realized there was candy in some of them!  So funny!

 oops this one was empty...guess the bunny got hungry and ate that candy!

  Sunday when Collier got up, he discovered the Easter bunny had come back AGAIN!  and brought a few goodies and hid lots of plastic eggs inside!!  He hunted then all and even opened his and Kenley's baskets before she was even up!  I was really happy we hunted outside on Saturday because it wasn't long after little man woke up that it started raining!

 bunny brought a bunny for Kenley...and she loves it! 'Love that bunny'
We then made resurrection rolls...thanks to Amy for sharing this link.  It was great fun and something that we will start doing every year.  I loved it and Collier did to!  Kenley even got to have a bite of the rolls after they were baked.  
The rolls are empty just the Jesus' tomb! 

We got dressed and ready for church, clipped some flowers for the cross at church, and flew out the door.  It was a beautiful and wonderful service!  I just love Easter and the joy that we have in this day.

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