Monday, April 15, 2013

Dothan Cook-Off

This past weekend was the Annual Tri-State BBQ cook off that most of the men in my life participate in. It is always a fun and eventful weekend full of trash talking, BBQ smoke'n, bag-o throwing, and trophy winning [we'll that is at least what they all hope for].  You can get a little more history of the event herehere and here.
This year was a very successful year.  The guys work so stink'n hard and we all just hold our breath when it comes to to the award ceremony, hoping that their efforts will be rewarded.  Here is how they ranked: 1st in Boston Butt, 3rd in Chicken, 6th in Brisket and Ribs.  4th overall winners!  I am so proud of them and glad that they walked away with some hardware to brag about for the next year...especially to their biggest opponents, who finished 5th over all.  They didn't care as long as they beat Team USP, that is all that mattered.

 please note how many grills it takes between the two teams: 8!  Thankfully there is no limit on the number of grills it take to get to a victory!

 Dad is missing from this picture, but look close to see that the 5th team member (who backed out this year) is represented! I think he has been fired, since they won the two times he has not been there!
 AWARDS!  Celebrating!

The other fantastic part of this weekend is that we get to be with all of our cousins.  It is a blast to play and make these fun memories with our family!!  Plus the event has fun activities for the children.  The kids look forward to it every year and it is a great balance between being there to support Daddy but also being able to drain some energy.  Collier has had a love-hate relationship with the Ponies and this is the first year that he actually rode them and loved it...matter of fact, rode it twice!  He also did the trampoline bouncy and spent lots of time in the bouncy house and slide as well!
 I love this precious picture...All of the girl cousins gathered around Kenley.  They sweet girls are loads of fun and so sweet and loving to baby Kenley!

 Aunt Amanda wins the award...they rode the train with the kiddo's!
 This sword is all that he talked about all weekend...he finally got it!
 Getting strapped into the jumpy...he calls it the monkey jumpy

lots of time was also spend in the bouncy castle...Kenley even got a turn in it [with me]

 This is our set up while awaiting the awards

 And then we wrap it all up, pack it all up, clean it all up.  We are always glad to get showered and in the bed!
And once again, I woke up Sunday morning being asked 'how did it feel to sleep with a champion?' Oh boy, here it goes again!

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