Monday, April 11, 2011


I have shared about the Tri-State Cook-off in Dothan before here. Justin, Chris (my brother) Ryan (my BIL) and my Dad make up the Opossum Trots Team 2011.  Poe...aka Possum is also part of the team but didn't make it this year.  Justin's Dad and a few of his friends also participate as Team USP and the cook off is more about beating team USP than anything else, as it will bring HUGE bragging rights for the rest of the year.  Well, this year the Opossum Trots out did themselves and went and won the whole dang 'Backyard Division'.  They placed 1st in Chicken, 2nd in Brisket and 4th in both Pork Butt and Ribs AND Best overall.  In the four years that they have been cooking in this cook off they have only won to take it away like this was HUGE and it was so fun.  Makes all of the hard work and preparation worth it.  The event this year was also much bigger and included small fair rides for the kids on top of all of the BBQ and cooking.  It was really fun and it was also quite hot.  Thankfully one of the team USP members were generous enough to share their camper which allowed us women and babies a place to cool off as needed! Among the two teams there was also golf carts/gators and Collier would jump on with whoever was driving off...he didn't care who was going but just wanted to be sure to get to ride!  Loves those things!

I am just very proud of these guys.  They work and plan all year for this and to be rewarded like this was great to see.  They were you can see as they ran up on stage and really showed out.  We (as in thew wives of these men and Team USP) now have a year ahead of us where all that we will hear about is this victory.  Justin felt the need to ask all of us does it feel to sleep with a champion?  Gesh!

This also gave us the opportunity to be with our sweet nieces....we got to have some sweet time with Eve and Emory and as you can see in the pictures CH and Ash had a big time.  Hayden keeps getting bigger and bigger and with that her smiles get better and better.  I have never seen a child smile and laugh like she does! Oh so sweet!
CH trying to get Emory to hold his hand...

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