Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a few notable things...

about our week.  That is Collier's Birthday week!  We get to celebrate on his birthday since it falls on Saturday.  Our family is coming to celebrate and we are just thrilled!!!  I am doing my best to get the house in order and ready for guest....God has faithfully answered my prayers for nice weather as it is SUPPOSED to be very nice on Saturday [which is essential since my house is tiny and we need to have outside space and time for our celebration].  Part of 'getting the house ready' includes finishing up our kitchen.  We were supposed to have our counter tops installed today - but on Monday the guy called and said that he thought it would be Friday. I am fully prepared for him to call today or tomorrow and let me know that he will not have it ready to install before the weekend.  If that is the case we will be putting PLYWOOD down for a temporary counter top!  Beautiful, right?...again my family loves me and they will not judge how my kitchen looks...right?  Justin and my dad had to make some changes [will explain in detail later] to our dishwasher and in moving it the copper pipe started leaking.  So, we have been without a dishwasher this week!  Being without will really make you appreciate!  Thankfully Chris can fix this for us this weekend and we should be back in business.  I am just pray very very hard for the counter tops to be ready and be installed on Friday!  If that works out, then tomorrow night Justin and I will be removing our existing counter tops in preparation for Friday!  Nothing like getting down to the last minute!    Yesterday Collier got his hair cut and I got my bangs trimmed.  We both can now see clearly!  I have three baskets full of clothes to fold, need to vaccume and mop and a few other minor things to straighten up!  Somewhere in between all of this I will make and prepare the food for Saturday and then we'll be ready to P.A.R.T.Y!

This morning we awoke to sirens going off at 5:30..severe weather sweeping through.  I cleared out my closet and woke up Collier just in case we needed to dive in.  Have I mentioned how small our closets are?  They are tiny...our house was built in the 50's and I guess they didn't really think that closets were necessary.  I have no idea where they put their clothes, but regardless our closets are tiny! I am not sure that all 4 [including Brink] could fit in. Thankfully it didn't get it to bad, the wind was just really bad AND all of the reports indicate that there are more and even more HIGH RISK severe weather headed our direction this evening.   I pray that we'll be protected and surrounded in God's safety.
I am also praying for the details of the party and the kitchen [specifically counter tops] and especially the travel and safety of our guest who are coming in on Saturday!  Such a big day to celebrate two amazing, special and really blessed years with our sweet little boy! 

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