Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Ending

The remainder of our weekend was good...Justin went to Atlanta to go to Wrestle-mania...yes he watches wrestling.  It is totally silly but he has a good friend who works for a publishing company who publishes wrestling/WWE books (did you get that) and he invited Justin to attend with some of the perks [box seats] he gets through his company.  And so he did!  I am sure that he is going to KILL me for posting this picture...but it is REALLY a joke.  He said that people were walking around with these belts on, as in wearing them for-real.  He asked some random guy if he could get a picture with it.  That sort of makes me laugh too!

While Justin was off with the guys, Collier and I headed out to Stadiumfest with Mom and Dad to listen to Casting Crowns.  It was so much fun.  It was an outside event that was packed and we got to hear some great music.  Collier wouldn't sit still [probably didn't help that he hadn't taken an afternoon nap] and Dad followed him all around, I think that Collier enjoyed the freedom.  When we got back into the car, Collier was asleep before we were out of the parking lot!  One tired little munchkin.  But, it was fun and something different to do.  
Sunday, I decided to make some homemade hamburger buns...YUMMMM!!!! and Mom and Dad came over and we cooked turkey burgers.  It was delicious and I really liked the buns.  I know it sounds strange to make hamburger buns, but it makes me crazy to buy a package of 8 buns that we NEVER finish and to have FRESH is way better.  Plus it was fun.  I plan to make another batch and then freeze them in packs of 4 so when we need them it is quick and easy.  I even made a chicken sandwich last night with the left over buns and it was yummy as well.  I love any kind of fresh bread.

Collier also banged up his knee AGAIN!  He will never have clean and clear knees, I've just come to accept it.  But it was bleeding and I was trying to get out the door so I cleaned it up and stuck a band aid on it.  He started crying when I un-peeled the band aid but once I got it on him he was ok and kept telling everyone that he had a boo boo.  He has never been a fan of band aids, which is strange to me...I thought all kids loved band aids.  Anyway, I may have converted him now although I am really not 100% sure.  He did tell Mom that he needed one on the other day.  
I hope that the sun is shinning wherever you are!!!
  so that you can wear your sunglasses...UPSIDE DOWN!

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