Monday, April 25, 2011


 Our Easter weekend was both fun and busy!  It went by way to fast, but every minute of it was fabulous!  I am thankful with all my being that God loves us enough to have sent His perfect Son to live, die and rise for us.  Amen!  Our church added a 9:00 service this year and I was thrilled and pleasantly surprised that we made it and even better, we arrived extra early which allowed us plenty of time to find a seat!  After church and a quick nap, we headed to my parents house for egg hunt and lunch!  I wasn't sure if Collier would get the whole egg hunt concept.  Boy was I wrong.  I didn't bother dieing eggs because I wasn't sure and even more I was afraid that he would throw them :)  All of our easter books, he would refer to the egg's as 'ball'.  He didn't throw them and he loved finding them all...he would walk around and say 'more egg'.  Way to cute!  He has already done a hunt this morning with Mom...she had them hid when we arrived this morning...what a great Nammie!

We then moved the fun to our backyard for lots of golf...aka walking around the yard pushing the golf set.  Every now and then he would take the clubs out and swing at the ball.  He swings both the bat and golf clubs left handed.  This makes Justin crazy!!  He throws and does everything else right handed but swinging is all left handed.  I think it is very funny and for some reason Justin doesn't like it!  I think that he is nervous about how to teach a sport to a lefty... :)
We ended the afternoon with a little train play.  Collier almost wouldn't stop playing with this new track and trains long enough to eat!  Thankfully Pimento Cheese and crackers caught his attention enough to take a short break.

It really was a fun day!  Lots more to look forward to this week...this little man is turning 2!

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