Sunday, April 17, 2011

Motherly Confessions

In the past few weeks we have had situations which have prompted me to not allow Collier to cry it out if he wakes up in the middle of the night.  Mostly not wanting to wake others..especially babies....Collier has had a pretty restless few weeks.  I can only assume it is his teeth.  He has either gotten up really early (for me anytime before 6am is too early) or wakes in the middle of the night around 1am.  Let me also state that if you know Justin and I; we do not let Collier sleep in the bed with us.  We like our peacefully and snugly bed to ourselves and from the very beginning just decided that no baby in the bed works for us!  Now, with that being said THAT has actually happened.  In all circumstances it was just me...and Collier has ended up in the bed with me at some point three times in the past two weekend.  I wondered if I was starting a VERY bad habit and then once he was done with squirming and wiggling and playing under the covers [making it like a tent] and after talking [usually about Dadda] he would usually settle in and snuggle up with me and fall asleep.  My worried heart would melt into a puddle and a feeling of total satisfaction set in.  To have him in my arms, quiet and still and peacefully asleep is something that I never have anymore [oh how I miss that baby stage].  And also to be so close to such a beautiful child that God has given to us and to feelmy love overflow and abound for this precious child of heart just oozes with love for him.  One evening last week when Justin was home he ask Collier if he wanted to get in the bed with him before Collier went to his bed.  Of course, Collier said 'desh' and off they went.  I went in to check on them and Collier was settling down on my pillow.  I went and laid down next to him and he put the tag of his lovie [monkey named Maurice]  and rubbed it on my face...this is how he goes to sleep.  He rubs that tag all over he eyes and nose and check.  It was so sweet and Justin just looked over and grinned.  That is one sweet boy...well, actually two!   All of that to say, I loved the moments that were given to rest with my sweet little Collier.  But I will be honest that although he did sleep some, I didn't!  So, this isn't anything that will become a habit because this Momma needs her sleep!  Both nights this weekend he was up at 1am...but last night being at our own home and just me, I could let him cry it out and not worry to wake others.  He only cried about 10 minutes and laid back down.  I am not sure why he is waking up, I did give him Motrin before I put him down.  I wondered if it was bad dreams and when I asked this morning he didn't really understand what I was asking.  I just am praying that he will get back to his normal good sleeping habits soon! 

Have I mentioned how busy Collier is?  I am just constantly amazed at this little boy.  HE DOES NOT STOP.  I am not joking.  He will not sit and watch a video, cartoons or basically any TV for longer than maybe 2 minutes.  He used to watch all of the Cedermont Kids video which is 20 minutes but that is no longer an option.  He will color for a few minutes, but not long.  Books...he loves books but likes the back and forth of taking a finished book back to his room and getting another book to bring back to be read more than the actually reading of the book.  He really wont sit there long enough for you to read it anyway, so we have to just discuss the pictures and move on.  If he is awake he is moving and doing something.  Constant motion and movement.  This busy little man is turning two in just two weeks!  I can not belive it one bit, where have the two years gone?

**I don't want to come off the wrong way about kids in the bed with parents.  I don't think that there is anything wrong with it but it just doesn't work for us personally.  It is just our decision.  Nothing bad if it does work for you.

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